Why isn’t Kylie Minogue lucky, lucky, lucky, in love? After her latest split, a look at her relationships

Those who are romantics at heart dive in head first. And despite past heartbreaks they’re forever optimistic this time will be “the one”. But that intense, sexual chemistry means you overlook potential problems. At some point they can no longer be ignored. The electricity between you crashes.

New reads to look forward to this fall

From the Upper East Side to Cobble Hill: von Ziegesar, author of the popular “Gossip Girl” series, switches up neighborhoods in this novel, trading privileged prep-schoolers for Brooklyn creatives. It’s a fun, quirky character study of four couples harboring secrets that inevitably implode in over-the-top fashion. Blair Waldorf would approve.

Offerings to the queen of time: The gaana-yajna of Pandit Jasraj and Mukund Lath

Although the teacher and the taught took their leave of us together, and one imagines them doing riyaaz together again in some empyrean baithak, to get ready for another Bhairavi rendering of the unique Niranjanii Naaraayani song, friends and family who knew the warm-hearted Mukund also knew that he preserved a profound solitude in his […]