Christian is sentenced to death in Pakistan after being accused of ‘blasphemy’ when he refused his employer’s request to convert to Islam

A US citizen of Pakistani origin on a blasphemy trial in the northwestern city of Peshawar in July was shot dead in the courtroom by a teenager who told bystanders he killed him for insulting the Prophet Muhammad.

The Last Coup: Forty Years Ago the Turkish Military Took Over as the Nation Descended Into Chaos

Osman Tüfekçi was among those jailed and in 2018 he told the Anadolu news agency: “I was held there for 37 days and in the first 22 days, I was tortured. They were constantly cursing at me if they were not busy beating me…They connected cables to my genitalia, to my fingers. It was a horrible, great […]

Woman charged over XR’s printing press blockade is 45-year-old British ‘ISIS Jihadi bride’ who claims she was just a volunteer interpreter in Syria before returning to UK to live on a canal boat while claiming benefits

Unfortunately, on Friday night and Saturday morning the police were slow to act. At the printing plants in Hertfordshire and on Merseyside, they failed to start clearing Extinction Rebellion protesters for more than six hours. In the end, there were 80 arrests. Their relaxed attitude recalls the laid-back behaviour of the some of the police […]

Fox’s Judge Napolitano Sued for Alleged Sexual Assault in the ’80s

Hollis had already arranged for the case to be moved to Judge Napolitano’s court, the suit claims, and after Corbishley pled guilty to all three charges, “the bottom two criminal charges were dismissed, and the top charge was amended… Judge Napolitano then imposed a remarkably lenient sentence, allowing Mr. Corbishley to avoid any jail time whatsoever, […]

Indiana man faces January trial in twin sons’ 2014 deaths

In his appeal, Abbott said he arranged for a friend and a babysitter to watch the children, before he later passed out. He said in his appeal that he was unconscious when the fire began and said he was burned while trying to reach his sons.

Louisiana’s Archie Williams, one of ‘America’s Got Talent’s’ top 44, is back on TV tonight

“Actor-writer-producer Michael Baker’s ‘Popcorn & Chocolate’ is a Shreveport-filmed drama about a grieving military family that finds unexpected solace. Young Baton Rouge filmmakers Gray Fagan and Bailey Wax co-directed ‘The Ballad of Rose Mae,’ a musical inspired by the 1918 influenza pandemic,” the release also said.

Trump’s New List Of Supreme Court Nominees Includes A Judge Who Served In His White House And Three Republican Senators

The Senate has confirmed more than 200 federal judges under Trump. The president cited an inflated version of that statistic in his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention in August and in his remarks at the White House announcing the new list on Wednesday — he said that more than 300 judges would be […]

Lost indigenous language revived in Australia

Vincent Buckskin and his fellow linguistic travellers have created new words and terms based on original grammar and structures – panpapanpalya means conference, warraityi is a phone (literally the voice-sending thing), while computer is mukarntu (lightening brain).

Ex-detective says let police use DNA websites to solve mysteries like Jill Dando murder

Mr Wright, managing director of DigitalLawUK, said the Government could order firms to co-operate. But he added: “I doubt if there would be the will to do so. There would be a massive push back. There would probably need to be a change of law .”

‘Can You Believe People Believe That Bulls**t?’ Cohen Claims in Book Trump Disparaged Evangelicals

Cohen claims Trump hated his predecessor Barack Obama so much that he hired “Faux-Bama” actor to ritualistically belittle the first black president and “then fire him”. Trump made deals with corrupt officials from the former Soviet Union. The president reimbursed Cohen with “fake legal fees” after he paid $130,000 in hush money to porn star […]