Incredible moment 80-year-old hiker who was missing for four days turns up at press conference where family who feared he was dead were making desperate appeal to find him

Speaking by a roaring fire today, Mr Harvey, who worked at a Wallsend shipyard, told a press conference he had ‘three grand days’ camping out on the mist-shrouded moors and insisted that he had been in no danger. He had set off to walk through Swaledale with a friend but they became separated in a […]

80-Year-Old Street Vendor in Taiwan Earns Spot on Highbrow Michelin List

Wu said everything about the food he serves at his stall is made from scratch. He typically works from noon to 10:00 p.m. and starts his days by choosing the best pork bellies at a marketplace before stewing them for hours in a special marinade. The Michelin description of Wu’s stall raves about its guabao […]

Missing 80-year-old hiker turns up at police press conference about his disappearance

Harvey, who became separated from a friend during his walk, said: “I had three grand days of wild camping. I never felt scared, I had all the right kit, all the right training and I knew what to do.

80-Year-Old Runs Virtual Boston Marathon

Other runners tried to make their virtual Boston Marathon experiences worth it as well. John Beiers, 60, of San Carlos, California, ran a virtual race in 90-degree heat with his family by his side. His finishing time was 4 hours, 27 minutes, and 40 seconds, the Santa Cruz Sentinel reported.

Sandra Sallin, the 79-year-old beauty influencer who is setting new goals

At 79, one would be expected to enjoying their time off their basic responsibilities and sit and enjoy the view with a cup of tea or a mug of coffee and a book in your hand. But that’s not true for Sandra Sallin, a 79-year-old beauty influencer on Instagram with over 20,000 followers and counting.

Mother says she could sense her daughter had cancer weeks before the ten-year-old was diagnosed with little-known form of the disease

She said: ‘Explaining to our beautiful girl was heartbreaking, she was scared she asked if she was going to die. We didn’t have that answer but held her tight and told her no way, not on our watch. She was eight, she was our baby she shouldn’t be worried about death.’ 

Lost German warship discovered on seabed 80 years after sinking

Then this summer the firm’s senior project engineer, Ole Petter Hobberstad, carried out further investigations from an offshore vessel called Olympic Taurus. He and his team used multi-beam echo sounders and a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) to examine the scene.

71-year-old jeweler hammers out a living in Hanoi’s Old Quarter

Today, Hang Bac (silver) is one of the remaining streets still true to its name. Despite being only 300 meters long, the street boasts over a hundred jewelry shops and hole-in-the-wall’s of different sizes. Here, visitors could also learn more about the history of goldsmiths and jewelry craftsmen at Kim Ngan communal house at 42 […]

Frozen remains of a 400-year old goat are found in the Italian Alps may help scientists better understand ‘ice mummies’ by providing new techniques to preserve ancient DNA

His perfectly preserved body is stored in his own specially designed cold storage chamber at the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology in Italy at a constant temperature of -6°C (21°F).

Twist of fate that cost Birmingham stabbing victim his life: 23-year-old and his badly injured friend ‘were only at the scene of the attack after heading to the WRONG Ibis hotel following a night out’

He continued: ‘I have been saying for some time, in the context of Covid-19, that a lot of the pent-up feelings that people have, and not being able to get out, and combine that with people who are now unsure about their future and about their jobs, it was almost inevitable that we would see […]