Serge Ibaka unsure whether he’ll play in Raptors-Celtics Game 6

One thing I’d point out about the Ibaka walking boot: Obviously it doesn’t look good, but it’s been standard Raptors protocol to put them in a boot right away regardless of severity of sprain. Doesn’t mean he’s out for sure.

Why you shouldn’t get salty if your child ‘speaks YouTube’

“Compared with adults, children are much better at picking up language and linguistic tone and features – that’s why it’s actually really hard to learn a second language as an adult. But when you are a child the way you hear sounds in the context of language is far more malleable and that most likely […]

Dan Andrews’ crisis of confidence: Body language experts reveal how Victoria’s embattled premier is struggling to ‘change hearts and minds’ while failing to cover up his ‘sadness, deflation and exasperation’

‘Whilst clearly apprehensive during each question, Mr Andrews’ body language and facial expressions reveal a man who believes in the data and that the chosen path forward is the right one,’ Ms Loisel said. 

No language should either be imposed or opposed: Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu

Expressing happiness over the importance given to mother tongue in NEP-2020, the Vice President called for providing education in mother tongue for inclusive education. “This helps the children in learning and understanding the subject better and they are able to express themselves better”, he said.

National Education Policy | Why has language been a sensitive matter in TN?

A senior leader of the AIADMK, speaking on the condition of anonymity, says that the State’s stand should not be viewed as a mark of blind resistance but as one that is aimed at defending the State’s autonomy. Besides, the priority of the Union government should have been to address the “pressing and chronic” economic […]

Hindi not essential to work in Official Language Cell, says GST Commissioner

‘Additional charge basis’“Official Language Cell has been functioning in the Chennai Outer Commissionerate since July 2017 and in view of the shortage of staff and taking into consideration the limited work involved, no officer has ever been posted here on a regular charge. Assistant Commissioner, Superintendent, Inspector and Tax Assistant have been working in the […]

Parallel development of Hindi, other Indian languages under new education policy: Shah

“A country is identified by its border and geography, but its biggest identity is its language. The various languages and dialects of India are its strength as well as a symbol of unity. In India, which is full of cultural and linguistic diversity, Hindi has been a unifying force for the whole nation for centuries,” […]

From Tonga to Timaru in 1972: Filipo Motulalo’s Tongan language journey

Faith in the power of language and faith in God were central to the Motulalo household. Like many other Tongan families, caught by the Pacific migration wave that washed through New Zealand in the 70s, they had ended up in Newton, a rough and ready inner-city Auckland suburb. The setting may have shocked their mother […]

Samoan Language Week kicks off in south Auckland

About 50 per cent of New Zealand’s Pasifika population hail from Samoa, according to the Ministry for Pacific Peoples. Data from the 2013 census showed there were 86,000 Samoan speakers here – making it our third most spoken language, after English and Maori. Samoan Language Week runs from May 26 to June 1.

Lost indigenous language revived in Australia

Vincent Buckskin and his fellow linguistic travellers have created new words and terms based on original grammar and structures – panpapanpalya means conference, warraityi is a phone (literally the voice-sending thing), while computer is mukarntu (lightening brain).