Brexit: the UK economy is on a knife edge

On the third Christmas since the EU referendum, households are running down their savings or borrowing more than they receive in income to keep on spending – helping to prop up the economy but laying the ground for a potential debt crisis and a slowing rate of consumer spending in future.

Coronavirus bill has cost UK government £210bn, spending watchdog says

The analysis covers spending promises made by ministers up to 7 August, indicating that the final costs of the Covid-19 crisis for the public purse could be much higher. The NAO had previously estimated a price tag of more than £120bn for the period up to 4 May.

Global efforts to buoy services trade

China will monitor the progress and implementation of the deals to ensure that the interests of the companies are protected in a fair manner. Steps will also be taken to further enhance the business environment in the country for international trade, Xian said.

UK’s economic recovery from Covid-19 crisis continues

The figures come after Britain entered the deepest recession since records began in the three months to June, in an economic decline outstripping any other advanced economy after the UK entered lockdown later than other countries and took longer to relax restrictions.

UK economy’s Covid catchup may take years despite signs of cheer

The unexpected popularity of Sunak’s eat out to help out discounted meals scheme last month will provide a fresh boost to the accommodation and food services sector, where despite growth of a 140% rise in July, output was still 60% down on its pre-pandemic levels.

UK economy grew by 6.6 per cent in July but Britain’s coronavirus rebound is slowing down and GDP is still almost 12 per cent below pre-lockdown levels

Darren Morgan, the director of economic statistics at the ONS, said: ‘While it has continued steadily on the path towards recovery, the UK economy still has to make up nearly half of the GDP lost since the start of the pandemic.

How Newcastle has become UK’s drugs death capital – with Spice ‘zombies’, gun-toting gangs & 90% spike in tragedies

Mark Tunney, co-founder of the Jigsaw Recovery Project, helping young people transition out of foster care, told me locals were now scared of the gangs. He said youths with guns worked for local crime families, adding: “It does my f***ing head in. It’s the area I live in, I know all the families, I used […]

Young adults blamed as UK sees sharp spike in virus cases

A local lockdown, meanwhile, went into effect Tuesday in the Welsh district of Caerphilly. Under the new restrictions, people will not be allowed to enter or leave the area without a reasonable excuse, everyone over 11 must wear masks in shops and indoor meetings between different households are banned.

Amazon UK pays 3% more in tax despite 35% rise in profits

“Amazon is growing its market domination across the globe on the back of income that is largely untaxed – allowing it to unfairly undercut local businesses that take a more responsible approach,” said Paul Monaghan, head of the Fair Tax Mark campaign group. “Contrived financial arrangements lie at the heart of Amazon’s success.”

UK officials met Capita bosses to discuss its financial problems

“I think there will be a lot more but smaller, more focused outsourcing businesses, operating on lower margins,” said Donnelly, who has been advising clients to sell Capita shares since January 2016. “I fundamentally believe that Capita will emerge as a viable business but that business will look very different.”