Misogyny Is Boring As Hell

Given the murky misogyny that pervades her stories, it seems fitting that Machado has also become known for authoring one of the more ambiguous and divisive footnotes in the ever-expanding files of #MeToo. The controversy began last month. Machado was on her way to a writers’ festival in Australia when she saw that another writer […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Dario Argento

Attention must be paid to Goblin, the Italian prog-rock outfit responsible for the brooding, sinuous, haunting score. It was a blessing in disguise that Pink Floyd said no when Argento first approached them, sending him back to Italy and into the arms of composer Giorgio Gaslini, who enlisted the help of the gangly, morose 20-somethings […]

Is an Odd-Couple Cliché With a More Interesting Movie Hiding Inside

This is a long-winded preamble to say there is a ceiling — and a rather low one, at that — to how good something like The Upside can be. This isn’t just because of its subject matter and perspective issues, but because it’s opting in to the “message movie” game with such glaring subject matter […]

Wait, How Is the Weinstein Company Worth Nearly $500 Million?

As distressed assets go, the Weinstein Company has lately been causing its financial backers and shareholders no small amount of actual distress. Much of the mini-major studio’s brand value is inextricably tied to co-founders Bob and Harvey Weinstein and their alchemical skill at attracting top talent, squeezing maximum profit out of genre schlock, and reliably […]

Life before TikTok! From a dancing baby gif to chicken on a raft and the Space Jam home page – over 35s reveal the top ten nostalgic websites that Gen Z has NEVER heard of (so how many do YOU recognise?)

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