A’s Seth Brown chats with fans via Skype to lift spirits amid baseball shutdown

— Michael D. Bonanno (@MichaelDBonanno) March 27, 2020 And Brown followed through immediate: A’s fans reported that they had, indeed, heard from Brown, who was inspired after seeing several other sports figures reaching out in similar fashion, including Blue Jays broadcaster Jamie Campbell.

Dog owner orders a toy replica of her pet but it ‘looks like it’s had a stroke’ and she can’t stop laughing

For more funny stories, this girl who had epic meltdown over Nando’s and McDonald’s closing cheered up by ice cream & pizza delivery to help her cope.

Amber Heard laughs while clearing out her garage with girlfriend Bianca Butti… as $50m defamation case by ex Johnny Depp against her goes ahead

The article did not mention Johnny by name but he filed for defamation in March of last year, saying it led to speculation that he was the abuser and caused him to lose the role of Captain Jack Sparrow. 

Need A Good Laugh? Sacramento Comedians Bringing Much-Needed Levity During Coronavirus Pandemic

Crall founded the Comedy Spot in Sacramento as place to see live comedy and teach people how to do it. With mandatory business closures, his audience was gone until he and his fellow comedians went to social media creating an outlet to laugh.

Will Arnett Bringing His Own Laugh Track to

Will Arnett is fine. Totally fine. Completely okay! It’s not like he’s hiding in his garage with a Bojack Horseman mask and a bunch of exercise equipment or anything. He’s so fine, actually, that he planned ahead to run his own laugh track for every Jimmy Kimmel Live! quip, even if Kimmel is confused by […]

Seth Greenberg thinks it’s do or die for Shaka Smart at Texas

“After you spend the $10.5 million for the buyout, you’re probably paying for the buyout of the next coach before you even sit down to negotiate a new, long-term deal,” the source said. “Spending that kind of money right now, with everything going on, the optics would be horrible.”

Campus capers: just for laughs and thrills

Scalding hotAs he did so, his shirt went up and trousers slid down exposing his back. Shamsher winked at me; I winked back and in a trice, poured hot tea from my cup into the cleavage. SJ yelped and shot out of his seat, sloshing himself and others with tea. Livid with rage, he turned […]

Sunny Hostin Says She and Meghan McCain Laugh at Rumors They Hate Each Other: ‘We’re Passionate’

“I’ve met a lot of the hosts and they’re forever changed,” she continued. “Because where do you find a show where five women who are really opinionated and really passionate and lay it all out and can argue and debate and cry and love and share all their flaws, and celebrate each other and are […]

Dwyane Wade’s Daughter Makes Hilarious Face as Shaquille O’Neal Tries (and Fails) to Make Her Laugh

“Everyone needs that one friend who delivers the hard truth. I. Am. That. Friend. #ShadyBaby,” another caption read, accompanying a photo of the youngster giving some major side eye to the couple’s chef, who looked playfully close to tears.

Ant and Dec can’t stop laughing as they take part in hilarious lip-reading challenge

The video starts with Dec hilariously asking Dec: “Can you hear me?” as he puts on his sound proof headphones, while Ant makes note that he likes the music. Dec then reads out “tiny shorts” to an oblivious Ant, who guesses “tiny sauce”, causing Dec to struggle to control his laughter. Ant did however, manage […]