The Twilight Zone reboot extended trailer teases star-studded cast including Seth Rogen, Adam Scott and host Jordan Peele

Limits: The trailer begins with a scene featuring Adam Scott’s character saying, ‘I know my limits, I know who I am,’ while he’s later seen on a plane saying, ‘We’re running out of time’ and telling another character, ‘You’re gonna want to listen to me’

The Boys season 2: release date, trailer and everything we know

Stormfront will be like a “hand grenade” thrown into the Seven, according to Cash. “I think she’s here to blow up Vought,” Cash told EW. “She’s here to try to get Vought back to the original idea behind creating superheroes… And she can be quite the feminist. There’s a lot of, I wouldn’t say misdirect, […]

Original The Lion King Singer Turned Down $2 Million for $100K and Royalties

Most people wouldn’t turn down a $2 million paycheck for their work on just about anything. Well, actor/singer Jason Weaver is not just anybody, as evidenced by him passing on that staggering pile of cash from Disney. He told VladTV that way back in 1994, the company offered the actor and the family all that […]

Biden allies wants Sanders out, sooner rather than later

“I don’t think they can push [Biden] any more to the left than he’s gone,” the aide said. “But what he can do is solidify support and make sure we don’t have another four years of Donald Trump. The longer they stay in, the worse it is. At a certain point, it looks selfish and self-centered. […]

Survey shows crisis of confidence in vaccines in parts of Europe

The first Wellcome Global Monitor survey, which canvassed attitudes among 140,000 people worldwide, shows clear links between people’s trust in doctors, nurses and scientists and their confidence in vaccines. It also shows that mistrust in government institutions goes hand in hand with doubts about vaccines’ safety. A recent Guardian investigation looked into links between anti-establishment […]

With record-setting speed, vaccine makers take their first shots at the new coronavirus

The vaccine Haller volunteered to test is made by Moderna, a well-financed biotech that has yet to bring a product to market. Moderna and China’s CanSino Biologics are the first to launch small clinical trials of vaccines against coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) to see whether they are safe and can trigger immune responses. (The CanSino vaccine […]

Biden’s pick for vice president doesn’t matter much

With Joe BidenJoe BidenCuomo grilled by brother about running for president: ‘No. no’ Top Democratic super PACs team up to boost Biden The Hill’s Campaign Report: Trump, Biden spar over coronavirus response MORE moving toward clinching the Democratic Party presidential nomination, people have been speculating about his running mate. Biden fueled this chatter when he […]

First malaria vaccine takes a key step forward

The EMA’s opinion is sure to fuel an ongoing debate over whether it is better to wait for a near-perfect malaria vaccine or make the best with what you’ve got. In a BBC commentary, GAVI head Seth Berkley and Mark Dybul, head of The Global Fund, explore the dilemma.“Mosquirix is about 5 to 10 years […]

As temperatures increase, so will extinction rates

“The implications of these patterns for the future of coastal marine ecosystems will depend on how natural risk and current threats interact,” said co-author Paul Harnik, an assistant professor of geosciences at Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. “By understanding these patterns in the past, we hope to provide a framework for understanding global […]