Consolidated efforts needed to fight COVID-19: Vision China speakers

“Some take one kind of measure, which is more leisurely, the other maybe more restrictive. There are no coordinated, concerted actions to show that we are in this together,” He, former vice-minister of foreign affairs and former vice-minister of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, said in his speech.

BMW celebrates centenary with Vision Next 100 concept [111 pics, 4 videos]

The futuristic concept takes the shape of a sedan as BMW believes this body style is at the core of the marque, even though SUVs are all the rage these days. The Vision Next 100’s styling is to some extent influenced by the i8 plug-in hybrid sports car, but with a significantly sleeker body that […]

Science academy’s new president cleared many hurdles on way to the top

McNutt grew up in Minneapolis and spent her childhood summers in a lakeside cabin, where reading was the default rainy day activity. She spent many a morning at a nearby farm, mucking out the stables in exchange for a chance to ride. (She later became an expert barrel racer, a rodeo event that entails galloping around […]

Star Trek Introduces a Deadly New Synthetic Alliance

The mistake the Zhat Vash made was thinking the horrific visions of “The Admonition” ceremony were a warning against the creation of synthetic lifeforms; as it turned out, the visions were meant as a beacon for synthetics who discovered it. The Admonition warns synths of the eventual genocide organics will try to unleash upon them, […]

Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Is Available On Digital Now

Purchase Sonic the Hedgehog on Digital Digital HD – $20See at VuduSee at Prime VideoSee at FandangoNowSee at iTunesDigital 4K UHD — $25See at VuduSee at Prime VideoSee at FandangoNowSee at iTunesPre-order Sonic the Hedgehog on Blu-ray (May 19)See Blu-ray/DVD — $28See 4K UHD Blu-ray/Blu-ray — $28See 4K UHD Blu-ray/Blu-ray (Steelbook Edition) — $35Sonic the […]

From The Great Escape to Sholay: what makes a film a national favourite?

Nosotros los Pobres (Mexico) The Golden Age beefcake Pedro Infante, who died in a plane crash in 1957, was such an icon of Mexican masculinity that it was later rumoured he was alive and masquerading as El Santo, the masked kingpin of lucha libre. Nosotros los Pobres (We the Poor), which came out in 1947, […]

Why Boris Johnson’s Horrible Start Could Still End in Tory Triumph and Hard Brexit

His argument is a simple and powerful one: In the referendum, a majority voted to leave the E.U., and this decision should be honored or democracy itself is undermined. The E.U. will not let Britain eat its cake and have it too, and has insisted that the U.K. remain largely under E.U. rules even as […]

Heavy drinking into middle age can add nearly TWO INCHES to your waistline and increase your chance of strokes and high pressure

Being unable to control alcohol consumptionCraving alcohol when you’re not drinkingPutting alcohol above personal responsibilitiesFeeling the need to keep drinking moreSpending a substantial amount of money on alcoholBehaving differently after drinkingShort-term effects of alcohol abuse can be just as dangerous as long-term effects. 

BMW’s electric, self-driving flagship is coming in 2021

The body has a core made of carbon. This is the first time so many different materials have been intelligently combined in a vehicle. As a result, the 7 Series weighs up to 130 kilograms less than its predecessor – which is quite a sensation in the luxury class. The new 7 Series is also the […]

The True Purpose of Trumpism

The confusion spread worldwide and made a statement of its own. A pillar of Trumpism is the refusal to distinguish between peaceful and violent Muslims. Trump has said “Islam hates us,” and when asked if he distinguishes between radical Islam and the religion as a whole, he brushed off the distinction: “It’s very hard to […]