A look back at the eight year wait for Cyberpunk 2077

Meanwhile. I, the author, am in an appointment to see a 45-minute gameplay demo behind—and journalists love to hear it—closed doors. I take notes on my laptop in complete darkness, the LCD clamshell resting on the back of my hands as I fart out messy descriptions of the hour-long demo. It’s pretty cool. There’s an […]

Most Popular Dog Breeds in America in 2020

Rottweilers have a history of being quite the hard-working dogs. Originally bred in Germany to drive cattle to butchers and pull carts filled with meat, Rottweilers were later used as police dogs before eventually settling into their current jobs as very reliable guard dogs. They have an uncanny natural instinct to protect their owners, families, […]

Darin Strauss: How Lucille Ball went from Communist to capitalist

Perhaps she had no choice but to say that; she was turning not only into the most popular star in America—the biggest television show in the biggest capitalist society in the world. But it’s also undeniable that Lucille’s communist days were done. She was about to hold the most capitalist title a person can: mogul. […]

‘Golden Girls’ star Betty White vividly recalled her great love’s passing while filming touching scene, says director

“The first table read was an experience,” she said. “I had worked with Bea, I had done a couple of guest shots on ‘Maude.’ I had worked with Rue on ‘Mama’s Family.’ Estelle was a new one to all of us. She came from New York after her hit. We all sat down for the […]