Celebrity chef juniors! Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver and more mini cooks in the making

While Maryam wowed us with her prawn curry… Nadiya said: “They are loving making traditional dishes, dishes that connect them to the people they love and miss, so Maryam wanted to make her one her Dhadhas favourite vegetables, so she made a radish and prawn curry.”

Ashley James reveals she’s taking pills made from her placenta and has had her umbilical cord framed… as she shares postpartum snaps just TWO HOURS after giving birth

Captioning the image, which showed her cradling her baby bump, she wrote: ‘I’m beyond excited / nervous to finally be able to share our incredibly happy news with you all – especially given I’m an open book who HATES keeping secrets.’  

The Masked Singer’s Robin has identity ‘rumbled’ as viewers spot biggest clue yet

One viewer wrote: “i’m convinced robin is aston merrygold ok he started doing impressions (he was on stars in their eyes as a kid and he sung rockin’ robin ROBIN HELLO) but even the out of this world clue could be true?? my brain is working too much.”

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell’s unique living situation in lockdown revealed – and it involves their grandchildren

Goldie and Kurt’s son Wyatt and his wife Meredith revealed in November that they were expecting their first child, due on Christmas Day, and while they haven’t announced their baby’s arrival publically yet, it is only a matter of time before they will.