Shelton/Derby Coronavirus Update: 76 Cases Between Towns

“I share your concern about the unknown; it is mine too,” she said. “As I see the number of identified cases of COVID-19 increasing on a daily basis in Shelton I understand that cautious decision making with safety first is paramount. This is a true public health crisis and I encourage you to continue to […]

London 2012: how rural writing inspired the Olympic opening ceremony

And so, as LOCOG’s Prospero, Danny Boyle, calls forth images of the British countryside to offer up to billions of worldwide viewers on 27 July, it must be expected that the director of 28 Days Later and Trainspotting has something more nuanced in mind for his herd of cows and gaggle of geese. The recollection […]

For Homeless People, Covid-19 Is Horror on Top of Horror

Robbie was able to head north to Pennsylvania and stay with grandparents to avoid further deprivation, but many do not have that option. The economic conditions of the Covid-19 outbreak are dire: as people lose their jobs, some are finding themselves on the streets, despite anti-eviction measures meant to prevent that. Quarantine is also increasing […]

Homeless during a pandemic: Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s coronavirus podcast for April 2

Routhier: We have vans going now to folks on the streets handing out hot meals. But because we are still operating and one of the few people that are, the number of people that are coming to us is has vastly increased. And so we’re seeing the dire need on the streets every single night. […]

William Wolf, Former Drama Desk President, Dies of Coronavirus Complications at 94

From 1964-80, Wolf was the film critic for Cue magazine, then served as a contributing editor and critic at New York magazine after it acquired Cue. From 1984-88, he wrote film reviews and columns for the Gannett newspaper chain. He also chaired the New York Film Critics Circle for a two-year term.

Boston Marathon Fast Facts

April 17, 1967 – Kathrine Switzer becomes the first woman to receive a number to run in the Boston Marathon. She enters the race under the name K.V. Switzer and wears baggy clothes to disguise herself. Females are not officially allowed to enter until 1972.

CT Coronavirus Updates: Some Nursing Home Patients Will Be Moved

The Department of Social Services and the Office of Policy and Management have determined a specific payment rate for options 3 and 4. Options 3 and 4 would also require providers to submit a written proposal to DPH prior to approval that will need to address staffing patterns, equipment needs and detail system supports that […]

Andover Coronavirus Update: 11 Confirmed Cases

“As these cases are identified, local public health officials in the area will be in contact with those persons to ensure that they are receiving appropriate care, and that any contacts are monitored,” the town asked. “It is important to note that we expect new cases to be reported as this situation continues. Please remember […]

Strega Nona author Tomie dePaola dies after surgery following a fall at age 85

‘Even though I love doing my books and I try to be as creative as possible, there’s always a restriction,’ he said in 2013. ‘I have to please other people, I have to please my art director, my editor, and then there’s all the public to please. Some of the books I’ve considered my best […]

Pakistani school attackers ‘were told to kill soldiers’ after massacre of pupils

The remote handling of suicide attackers from the safety of neighbouring countries has been a hallmark of many terrorist attacks in South Asia, including the 2008 attacks on the Indian city of Mumbai, which Indian and US spies traced to a house in the Pakistani city of Karachi.