Skyrocketing rents push people out of NZ’s most expensive city: Porirua

“It wasn’t a shock to me, I live here so I’ve seen this, but it’s really upsetting. Now we are seeing people being pushed further and further out, people who still work in Wellington having to live in places like Ōtaki and Levin.”

Coronavirus: This is the year we can finally get over our FOMO

We’ve been raised to subconsciously look up to other, older countries like Britain or the big, bold US. It helped that they spun their own myths of being the smartest, most successful, most sophisticated older siblings of modern democracy. That fuelled our belief that we would have far better lives “over there”. (And caused us […]

A local fashion brand worth supporting

Anne and Neil reflect that New Zealand manufacturing has taken a massive hit across the duration of their career. The pair have witnessed a reduction in clothing and footwear employees dropping from around 85,000 skilled workers in the 1980s to just 2,200 today.

The world’s richest king, his mysterious fortune and the protesters who want answers

In July 2017, nine months after he assumed the throne, a law passed by the military-dominated parliament placed the Crown Property Bureau’s assets “under His Majesty’s discretion”, ending the previous arrangement under which the monarch could spend the bureau’s income at will but left buying and selling decisions to the board of directors.