The Latest: Russia has highest daily spike in virus deaths

South Africa has conducted more tests for the virus than any other country in Africa — more than 655,000 — and has more confirmed cases than any other country on the continent with 27,403. The ministry says one of the latest people to die in South Africa was an employee with the National Health Laboratory […]

Trump to Seek Bilateral Trade Deal with Japan After Rejecting Multilateral TPP

President Donald Trump will seek quick progress toward a bilateral trade agreement with Japan in place of a broader Asia-Pacific deal he abandoned this week, when Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visits the White House next month, an official in the Trump administration said on Thursday.

The Latest: Spain to offer families minimum monthly income

The country’s health ministry says all data on the app, called ″Apturi Covid,″ Latvian for “Stop Covid,” is encrypted and stored directly on the device. It won’t be accessible to the phone owner or other users of the app that is voluntary to use.

Nations ease more restrictions, air travel opening up more

— Big Lots’ first-quarter sales rose 11%, with same-store sales climbing 10.3%. The discount retailer’s stores have remained open during the pandemic, with many consumers shopping for essentials. While sales are up strongly for the second quarter to date, Big Lots Inc. said Friday that it anticipates those sales moderating due to factors including: rivals […]

Japan takes the high ground over its outlying islands

“The issue is very complex,” admits Robert Dujarric, a professor of international relations at the Tokyo campus of Temple University. “China, South Korea and Taiwan all insist that Okinotorishima is just a rock that Japan cannot use to extend its EEZ and they are appealing to the UN, but this may all be moot if […]

Japan’s Princess Mako Can’t Stay a Royal Because She Is Marrying a Commoner and Succession Rules Are Sexist

According to historians, only eight women have served as reigning empresses in the nearly 2,700-year old Imperial Family. The last time Japan had a reigning empress was in 1771, when Empress Go-Sakuramachi abdicated in favor of her nephew, who died eight years later. His son-in-law, Emperor Kokaku, reigned from 1780 through 1817, when he abdicated, […]