Cleansing the Catholic Church of Its Sins

Take Wuerl. Some have argued that the report is a “mixed bag” for him. He did over time come to dismiss or suspend any priests credibly accused of abuse. He helped formulate new procedures for dismissing them. And cases of abuse have plummeted since the reforms were put in place. But not always. He’s mentioned […]

at 20: Ben Folds’ Track by Track Commentary on the ’90s Piano Rock Classic

4. “Song for the Dumped” “I was writing ‘One Angry Dwarf…’ and it seemed a little complicated to Darren. And Darren, as a joke—and I guess to make a point—wrote the lyrics to ‘Song for the Dumped’ (without any music or anything) in my notebook next to ‘Dwarf.’ Like, ‘Here’s the way you should write […]

Hajj pilgrimage could be cancelled because of coronavirus

The hajj, the annual timing of which is dictated by the lunar calendar, is last thought to have been cancelled in 1798. It has not gone ahead on about 40 other occasions because of disease and conflict. The looming cancellation this year has led some observers to suggest an end-of-days prophecy was drawing near.

Exclusive: Civil Suit to Be Filed Against Robert Durst by His Long-Missing Wife’s Family

At the time of Kathie’s disappearance, the couple was separated, though they were spending the weekend together in South Salem. She was in regular consultations with a divorce lawyer who is now deceased. It’s not a great stretch to imagine that, had she lived, she’d have gotten a substantial settlement. “I’ll tell you what we […]