Why it’s now or never in Neymar’s quest for European glory

“In Brazil we have an expression that says that he (Neymar) is an endless promise […] That he is “Menino Neymar” (“Baby Neymar”) — He’s not a boy […] He needs to be in reality […] He has to grow up,” says Kallás, who has followed the Brazilian’s trials and tribulations on and off the […]

AP FACT CHECK: Trump’s smoke and mirrors on executive orders

The CDC in May also warned doctors to be on the lookout for a rare but life-threatening inflammatory reaction in some children who’ve had the coronavirus. The condition had been reported in more than 100 children in New York, and in some kids in several other states and in Europe, with some deaths.

Congress’ Stinginess Is Putting Democracy at Risk, State Election Officials Say

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson says there’s “no truth” to the claim that additional federal funding will lead to a takeover of locally run elections. Benson points to the decades-long partnerships between the states and Washington on improving cybersecurity protections or on major legislation such as the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the Help […]