World Rugby’s statement confirms that the referees have not been good enough – now we will see an improvement

Get unlimited access to all Telegraph Sport for £1 a week, including our unrivalled Rugby World Cup coverage A lot of people seem surprised by World Rugby’s decision to issue a statement criticising their own referees but I can understand why they have done so for two key reasons.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, India vs New Zealand, semi-final Weather Report: Rain gets heavier again in Manchester

WEATHER UPDATE: That drizzle in Manchester has become heavier and the umpires have decided that the players go off with 23 balls still remaining. Since this is a semi-final, the rules say that officials can wait for two hours before overs are cut. The forecast did predict afternoon showers.

Dhoni, Jadeja fight not enough; New Zealand enter second straight World Cup final

MANCHESTER: India have been eliminated from the 2019 World Cup after their robust run in the tournament came to a screeching halt with an 18-run defeat against New Zealand in the first semi-final, spread over 28 hours and 24 minutes. Under grey skies, New Zealand pacers shredded India’s strong batting line-up, reducing them to 5/3 […]

What will it take to stop the Wuhan coronavirus from spreading around the world?

“In some circles, the WHO is perceived to have overreacted to the epidemic, causing unnecessary panic on the international scene and putting unjustified barriers in the way of persons from ‘infected’ areas wishing to attend such events as business exhibitions or international sports activities,” the paper said.

Two worlds of impeachment: Trump lawyers invoke ‘danger’ of removing Trump, Democrats say it’s ‘dangerous’ to keep him

His argument, in a nutshell, paints Trump as the victim of a long-running Democratic plot to undermine his presidency and ultimately undo his election victory. Sekulow pointed to the Russia investigation, which began before Trump won in 2016, and touted a laundry list of legitimate gripes about the probe, blended with allegations that touched on […]

How to stop over-eating before bedtime: The simple tricks to beat sugar cravings instantly – and the snacks to avoid at all costs

Sydney nutritionist Susie Burrell previously shared the drinks and foods you can consume for a good night’s sleep, including bananas, milk, nuts and herbal tea.

Google Home devices in Preview Program are in danger of being bricked by update

The instance of a software update bricking a device is nothing new. In the best of cases, the company reimburses customers for their damaged devices. In the worst outcomes, people are out of luck and out of money. Last year, a Google update for Google Assistant accidentally bricked some Home and Home Mini devices, but […]

Big sugar and the ‘big flaw’ in Australia’s federal health programs

More on this story:Analysis: How influence trumps evidence in the politics of a sugar taxCalls for a sugar tax are back. So, is it going to happen?Taxing junk food, discounting vegies could extend lives, reduce health costsAustralian soft drinks linked to higher risk of diabetesJamie Oliver urges Australia to adopt sugar tax following Britain’s soft […]

Simple practices that help the Maasai keep animals happy

The crossbreed combines the disease-tolerance of the East African and the water-retention qualities of the Galla to produce a superior and a more preferred ruminant that attain much higher market weights in a shorter period.

Democratic congressman blasts impeachment hearings, says process reminds him of ‘third-world nations’

“I’m not there just to have a good time,” Van Drew added, ”because frankly, it isn’t that much of a good time. So, you know, I’m there because we need to get things done. We have a job. We need to do it — whether we always like each other or not, whether we’re the same party […]