Saudi Arabia to Announce Country’s First Nuclear Reactor Soon, Insiders Say

Riyadh seeks to build two plants that could generate up to 2.8 gigawatts of energy, three industry sources told Reuters. “Competition will be fierce,” one source told Reuters, adding that the Saudis were expected to send a Request for Information (RFI) to suppliers in China, France, Japan, Russia, and South Korea in October, thus beginning the “tender process” of finding a vendor to build the […]

Wedding Vows Renewed: UK and Saudi Arabia Sign New Military and Security Treaty

The inking is a clear indication the much-criticized and controversial “special relationship” between the UK and Saudi Arabia is set to endure to the foreseeable future, despite calls from MPs and humanitarian organizations to end UK arms sales to Riyadh, which are fueling the Saudi-led coalition’s war on Houthi rebels in Yemen.

US Air Force Challenges Stealth Aircraft Fleet With Radar Penetration Drills

According to an Air Force news release, the primary goal was to test using an F-35 for SEAD operations, also called “wild weasel” missions. In addition to its radar-resistant design and coating, the F-35 got help from E-18 Growlers, a specially modified version of the F/A-18 Hornet for electronic warfare and jamming of enemy radars. […]

County lines drugs gang brag about stabbings in drill rap video as 16 gangsters who used kids as ‘slaves’ jailed

“The operation depended, for a period of time on facilitating the travel of boys, aged 14 and 16, to the resort, where they were under the defendants’ control, told where to go, what to do and when, arranged or given transport, or given a base from which to operate.

Book review | Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber by Mike Isaac

This story is important enough just for everything that happened at Uber. But it is so much more. Uber also spurred a cultural shift- of raising billions of dollars with no end in sight, staying a private company for as long as possible, of regulations not being something to comply with as much as to […]

BMW partners with State Grid EV Service to expand charging infrastructure

This all is based on using an intelligent and scalable vehicle architecture that can be equipped with different powertrain technologies. Goller said BMW Group will continue investing more than 30 billion euros worldwide until 2025 into research and new technologies. “The current crisis will have a lasting impact on our industry,” he said.

Keep off my grass!

The next morning, I knocked on her door. ‘Good morning,’ I wished her cheerfully. ‘Truly, no one appreciated your kindness. Someone who obviously spent half the night awake with the drilling noise, was so sleep-deprived this morning that they backed into your car. The headlights – smashed! Being a good neighbour, I came to tell […]

WarnerMedia restructures to focus on HBO Max, senior executives out

Media companies have been hard hit by severe drops in ad sales as marketers reel in spending due to the global coronavirus outbreak. The pandemic has also halted production of original material, starving streaming services of new content needed to fuel subscriptions.

Donald Trump says he’ll order unemployment payments if impasse persists

“An executive order will leave millions of people out,” Schumer said Thursday. “It will be litigated. It won’t be effective and things will get worse. So we urge them to rethink their position.”On the payroll levy, because the president alone can’t cut taxes, Trump would be simply delaying the due date for the tax, which […]

Covid Speed Read: SII caps vaccines at Rs 225 for lower & middle income countries

Covid-19: the current count in IndiaAs per the Health Ministry, the total number of novel coronavirus (Covid-19) cases in India have reached a tally of 2,088,611. This consists of 1,427,669 people who have recovered from the virus and the death toll is at 42,578. The recovery rate amongst patients has risen to 67.98% and the […]