‘Love After Love’ Review: Ann Hui’s Pretty, Empty Melodrama Set in Pre-War Hong Kong

It is largely left to the craft departments to give the film what dynamism it has. Doyle’s photography delights in the richness of the palette and is effusive in its love for the pearly flawless skin of uniformly attractive cast. And Sakamoto’s music, while not particularly memorable, pleasantly embellishes the romance with light piano motifs. […]

Boris Johnson slammed by Commons Speaker for accusing Sir Keir Starmer of backing the IRA

He said: “Who knows? I’m glad he’s got a crystal ball. Mine’s not quite as clear as the Prime Minister’s. I’d like to believe everybody in this country will be back to normal by Christmas. I don’t quite see that, but if he knows something I don’t know, so be it. I want the chamber […]

China detained Australia’s TV anchor Cheng Lei over ‘national security’

“The deal basically was police will interview me and then the Chinese government will lift its exit ban. But having gone through that interview, I’m not really convinced that police thought that I or the other journalists would have any particularly useful information,” Birtles told DW.

NAU President Rita Cheng won’t seek contract extension

FILE – In this Oct. 13, 2015, file photo, Northern Arizona University President Rita Cheng speaks on the NAU campus in Flagstaff, Ariz., to honor the victim and wounded of a deadly shooting on campus. Cheng announced Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2020, she will not seek an extension of her contract, which expires in 2021. (Taylor […]

SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Historian Sir Roy Strong retreats from his love garden after fall in paradise

The 55-year-old reveals she has acquired a new young black labrador. ‘Puppy love,’ she captions this picture of herself online cuddling the pooch. Referring to his name, she adds: ‘New baby Shivraj’ — a moniker of Hindu origin which means ‘handsome giver of pleasure’.

‘No vaccine until SPRING’: Chief scientist Sir Patrick Vallance dashes hopes of life being back to normal by Christmas as he reveals coronavirus jab likely to come ‘next year some time’

The jab was expected at the end of 2020 but its creators have had to temper expectations after community transmission began to fizzle out in Britain and stall crucial trials needed to seal its approval. It was called ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 before Oxford teamed up with AstraZeneca to manufacture it 

I’m sorry… Topshop boss Sir Philip Green issues grovelling apology in humiliating U-turn over plans to exploit furlough pay cut loophole

Arcadia seized on the loophole to pay these staff according to their furlough – and not their pre-crisis – rates of pay. One executive at Arcadia reportedly told staff that the company needed to take ‘every penny we can get’ of public money. It would have saved the retail empire less than £1million.

Sir Philip Green APOLOGISES for loophole plan to ‘rake in millions in furlough handouts while axing 300 staff’

In April millionaire Sir Philip came under fire for using taxpayer money to cover the wages of 14,500 employees, with critics saying he should sell his yacht instead.

Sir David Attenborough warns the end of polar bears by 2030s and ANOTHER major pandemic unless we tackle climate change

But Sir Attenborough claims that all of the solutions are “within our grasp” and there are a number of “steps we can take and goals we must achieve to avert the coming catastrophe.”

Design icon Sir Terence Conran who founded the retail giant Habitat and opened more than 50 restaurants in remarkable 65-year career dies peacefully at home aged 88

‘Oh, I have a lifetime of anecdotes after a very long career in design, furniture and retail,’ Sir Terence Conran once said. ‘An early one that sticks in my mind was in the mid-50s as a member of the Royal Society of Industrial Artists, which had strict rules that members should not compete with one […]