Trump eyes social media bias hawk as next FCC commissioner

In May, Trump signed an executive order responding to perceived bias against conservatives in the way social media companies moderate their platforms. The order specifically targeted platforms’ legal protections under Section 230, instructing NTIA to draft a petition for submission to the FCC requesting that the telecom agency reinterpret the protections granted by the law. […]

Facebook Goes Back to Its Roots with ‘Campus,’ Social Network for College Students

The report claims that the product was developed, in part, to reclaim the teenage demographic, which has largely shifted away from Facebook. Although 71 percent of American teenagers said that they used Facebook in 2015, that figure declined to just 51 percent in 2018.

‘Don’t say anything stupid’: social media minefield for journalists at Nine newspapers

Contributor Jane Caro said she abides by most of the rules but was taken aback by the “don’t advocate” rule because that’s what her life’s work is. “It’s not going to change my behaviour,” she told Weekly Beast. “I advocate for feminism, I advocate for abortion rights, I advocate for public schools. I’m a freelancer […]

Facebook, Twitter remove accounts tied to inauthentic pro-Trump network

Just on Friday, Facebook announced that it had removed hundreds of accounts and pages pushing misinformation in Georgia, while Twitter removed more than 88,000 accounts linked to Saudi Arabia, citing concerns they were involved in spreading pro-government propaganda and spam.

Can ‘Metajournalism’ Save Old Media—and Unmask Trump? | Opinion

Now more than ever, America should be celebrating its homegrown reportage and investigative journalism, and beyond that the many fine journalists who bring us both of these journalistic subgenres of research and communication. While certain of the infelicities of corporate media have not been conducive to the nation receiving the most effective or responsible coverage […]

Iran’s new attempt to introduce ‘military control’ over social networks

“Iran’s security authorities have been trying to get control of the internet for 20 years,” Amir Rashidi, who researches cybersecurity and digital rights in Iran, told DW. Rashidi, who is based in New York, said the proposed law would use the military to that end. “There are also rumors that Iran is looking for help […]

Social-Media Platforms Will Discourage Premature Election Victory Claims

The success of any Red Mirage scenario on Election Night — a potential Trump victory claim based on in-person votes counted first and heavily skewed toward the GOP thanks to Trump’s demonization of voting by mail — depends on a great deal of media complicity. Team Trump would need news outlets to help spread its […]

Crown Media Family Networks Appoints Annie Howell As Chief Communications Officer

An experienced executive, Howell previouly spend 11 years at Discovery, where she served as SVP Communications & Public Sffairs and SVP Communications and department head of Discovery’s U.S. Networks division. At Discovery, she launched Planet Green and, helmed all communications, events and publicity, and oversaw all business communications.

Arsonists destroy another 5G mast fueled by false conspiracy theory that the new high-speed mobile phone network is to blame for coronavirus

At least 90 phone masts in the UK have been damaged or burnt in attacks linked to conspiracy theory claims during lockdown. The 5G mast in Bradford (pictured) was burnt and melted near the top of the structure following the fire

‘The Social Network’: The Thrilling Facebook Creation Myth

Of the many revelations in director David Fincher’s 2007 thriller Zodiac, perhaps the most surprising was that Fincher could so easily sustain, for more than two hours, the suspense provoked by murders committed in the first 20 minutes. Following its violent beginnings, the film—based on the hunt for the serial Zodiac killer who haunted the […]