In response to the appeal of the Party General Secretary and President, Directives of the Politburo, the Party Central Committee’ Secretariat, the Prime Minister, and decrees of the Government on carrying out the dual tasks of fighting COVID-19 pandemic and boosting socio-economic development, Hanoi has put the outbreak under control, supported business and investment activities, […]

Across Europe disillusioned voters turn to outsiders for solutions

One party that may have picked up their votes lies at the other end of the political spectrum. Anti-euro party Alternative for Germany (AfD) has undeniably gained momentum since narrowly failing to win any Bundestag seats last year. One September poll had it reaching 10%, making it the third-largest party in the country. But pollsters […]

SMEs: Digital distractions in the business place

The survey in Lagos State also reveals that employees averagely pick up smartphone devices every 12 minutes or even less when at work. By estimation, that is roughly 40 times during one day’s eight hours work period. Consequently, what can managers do to combat productivity losses caused by these distractions and interruptions? This narrative is the main […]

The brutal, bitchy world of the billionaire wives: After marrying media tycoon Conrad Black, BARBARA AMIEL revelled in her new-found wealth. But as she reveals in the final part of her new memoir, she soon confirmed that money can’t buy true friends

Jayne was the Group’s deity, an infallible source of knowledge about high-society life as lived in the thinnest of its ozone layers. She had nothing to lose, I reasoned, and would help a newcomer. After all, in her life before marriage to [oil executive and art collector] Charles B. Wrightsman she was a salesgirl, albeit […]

Former Dick Clark Prods. CEO Allen Shapiro, Investor John Howard Launch Celebrands To Build Celeb-Driven Cos; Early Stakes In Aviation Gin, Kardashian Projects

Related Story Netflix Lands Feature Comedy ‘Upstate;’ Ryan Reynolds & John August To Write, Reynolds To Star The idea is to capitalize on the ever increasing influence of celebrities in driving commerce, looking for famous partners willing to leverage their brands on projects they care about. The celebrities own stakes in companies they actively help build […]

Decoding consumer behavior during pandemic

The WHO declared the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak a global pandemic on March 11, 2020. Due to disruption in normal operation, there has been a constant tug-of-war between reducing the spread of the contagion at one end and getting the economy back on the track on the other hand. Urban India is more strongly hit […]

‘Only 5-10% benefitted from reservation’

The question is how do you define merit? If you are talking about marks, you see four students with 100 marks applying to, for example, the Delhi University. What kind of valuation are you doing? Our education system is in shambles and that has to be rectified first.

LSU fans disappointed, but understanding about no tailgating at Tiger Stadium

Without dozens of people to feed, Rau plans to hone other cooking techniques. He has baked pizza and prepared handmade pasta since a trip to Italy with his wife last fall, learning humidity corresponds to the quality of his pasta. So until LSU lifts its ban, Rau will continue cooking as he waits until his […]

Gana Killing: Why we will not trade words with Ortom, Suswan ― Army

“Also, the team discovered 5 storage facilities made with tarpaulin inside the swamp laden with about 4,717.35 barrels of product suspected to be stolen crude oil. Similarly, 2 large wooden boats laden with about 1,069.26 barrels of product suspected to be stolen crude oil were discovered inside the creek. The storage facilities and wooden boats […]

Traveling to Germany: Coronavirus restrictions — questions and answers

Coronavirus: The consequences for tourism Start of the season on the North Sea Islands Borkum, Juist (photo) and the other East Frisian islands are happy to be able to greet tourists again, even if it’s a limited surge of visitors. Since May 11, overnight stays in holiday apartments and camping sites throughout Lower Saxony have […]