Facebook is becoming Google and here’s why

Facebook is massive and it’s growing fast. The social network has seen a steady rise in mobile use, with active users doubling from roughly 500 million in early 2012 to nearly a billion this year. Key to the social network’s growth is its piggy backing on the spike in mobile web access – as the […]

Tim Graham: How would liberal media report on coronavirus deaths under President Hillary Clinton?

If Hillary Clinton had been elected instead of Trump, reporters would show her valiantly working 16-hour days and endlessly consulting scientists to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. They would tenderly feel the pain of her sleepless dedication to saving lives.

What’s up with Tucker Carlson’s leaked tapes of Michael Cohen’s secret CNN conversations?

It’s unknown whether Carlson plans to release more leaked recordings. They certainly found one fan. President Trump greeted the first Cuomo tape by tweeting that CNN should fire him. (“He speaks with great disrespect about women, and it will only get worse.”) Trump also implied that he has insight into Carlson’s broadcasts, tweeting this week […]

NFL takes heat over ‘End Racism’ message in end zone before Chiefs-Texans game

As we continue to amplify and elevate the NFL’s ongoing and long-term commitment to social justice, we will be incorporating several prominent elements on the field, into all broadcasts and across league and club platforms to begin the NFL season and beyond,” the memo reportedly read. “In developing these concepts, we have worked directly with […]

The Batman 2021 release date, first trailer, cast, Batmobile, and more

The Batman trailer reveals Batman vs. The RiddlerThe first official trailer for The Batman is everything one would hope; brutal, action-packed, chills-inciting, and revealing. We know now exactly what Robert Pattinson looks like as the Caped Crusader, both with and without the mask. We also know the primary antagonist to be Paul Dano’s Riddler, and […]

Sen. Tom Cotton on his inclusion in President Trump’s list of potential Supreme Court nominees

I think J.P. Morgan, based on the — and I have been reporting this for weeks — believes that a lot of its workers can work from home still. And these are essential workers. And this is the problem that New York City faces, not just high crime, not just the pandemic, but, right now, […]