Chief Executive: Hong Kong Is a Free Society ‘for the Time Being’

The extradition law failed, but protests continued in the name of protesters publicly beaten, arrested, and unjustly charged with various crimes for participating in peaceful assemblies. While the Chinese coronavirus pandemic resulted in several weeks of empty streets in the city, Lam’s decision to lift some coronavirus restrictions triggered an immediate return of the protests […]

KDMC asks housing societies to screen residents

“Although this is a positive move from KDMC, we are not sure if we have sufficient manpower to conduct such tests daily. Most of our residents are senior citizens or working couples who work from home. We will try our best to implement it,” said Alok Mitra, secretary of Sunshine Court, Kalyan West.

Librarians handle books with care

Likewise, at Full-Time Branch Library in Thiruvottriyur the racks are getting a wet wipe. The librarian, Bancick Pandiyan, has roped in some volunteers to help the staff in cleaning the books. He was also visiting the library once in 10 days travelling all the way from Gummudipoondi for the maintenance-run of the computers. The District […]

Friendship association supports Ukraine’s COVID-19 battle

Hanoi (VNA) – The Vietnam-Ukraine Friendship Association on May 26 presented 5,000 antibacterial face masks and 332 million VND (14,250 USD) to help the Ukrainian Government and people fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Handing over the gifts to the Ukrainian Embassy in Vietnam, the association’s President Dang Van Chien said that these gifts were donated by […]

Vietnam’s total COVID-19 cases number 326 with no community infections

According to the National Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control,  the number of recoveries climbed to 272 in the country, with a further five patients declared to have fully recovered from the deadly virus on May 25. 11 of the positive cases have tested negative for the SARS-CoV-2 virus one or at least twice, while […]

Final COVID-19 patient in Quang Ninh receives discharge from hospital

Once at the various quarantine facilities, samples were taken from every passenger, with 23 of the new arrivals being transferred to Thai Binh General Hospital, while the nation’s 312nd patient was transferred to the No. 2 Hospital in Quang Ninh province.

‘I had an active life’: How are shielders surviving lockdown?

Cheyne Moore, 38, is in lockdown in Cornwall with his wife and four-year-old son who has cystic fibrosis. Moore has had to close his small surfing school but his worries are focused on what being indoors is doing for his son’s health. “He swam every week, skateboards, went to the beach every day before the […]

Nick Clegg: budget to allocate extra £1.25bn for mental health

Clegg added: “It’s all part of a journey where we start, as a country, lifting the stigma that has surrounded mental health and making sure that we treat mental health in the same way as we do people with physical health problems.”

The crisis in children’s mental health services: an NHS insider speaks

Amia is a parent in the service user feedback group. She wants us to know how helpful we are. Her words are humbling. Amia herself is a victim of war and displacement, struggling with depression and acute anxiety. She is far from home, feels isolated from her community and is frightened and confused by her […]

Britain’s mental health is in crisis – a shadow minister can’t tackle it alone

It makes you wonder how much a government could do to improve mental health if it was truly committed to it. Not as a nice touchy-feely soundbitten extra but as a key issue. I would argue that good mental health is, on an individual level, the most important thing there is. If we asked as […]