NDA payoffs and the Alzheimer’s Society

I meet people living with dementia every day and see how the society is helping. Allegations like these have to be investigated thoroughly and are disappointing, but please remember the many thousands of people the society has helped and is helping now.Name and address supplied

International Day of the Girl Child 2019: Importance of Educating The Girl Child In Indian Society

Economic development and prosperity Improved life quality Improved health due to awareness of health and hygiene Dignity and honour in the society The choice to choose a profession of her choice Alter the regressive nature of the society Although India as a country lags in the scenario, various NGOs and Government policies have focused on […]

My plans to tax wealth as well as income would create a more equal society

A fair system must tackle extreme wealth inequality. There can be no more excuses – and we should never pretend that greater fairness and equality does not mean those at the top losing out. They will. But fairness must be defined by the actions of all of us, not by living in fear of the […]

Tony Hale To Star In ‘The Mysterious Benedict Society’ Hulu Series Based On YA Novel

Hale’s Mr. Benedict, a rumpled, affable eccentric genius, is the head of the Mysterious Benedict Society – a group of orphans he has recruited to save the world. While Mr. Benedict is reluctant to put the children in harm’s way, he feels there is no other choice. His Society is mysterious, and so is Mr. […]

AANI sets for pre-40th AGM walk towards a better society

On the 40th AGM of AANI, he said, “The celebration of the 40th anniversary AGM is an event every AANI member is passionate about and the association plans to use it to unite its members and at same time showcase some of the achievements, contributions, and programmes of AANI over the years towards a better […]

A matter of life, death and assisted dying

DM: What we are dealing with is something that is very, very complex. The differentiation and definitions around terminal illness are very much about value judgments. If we are looking at a sensible law, we need to have the debate that Debbie has pointed to. If somebody feels they have to die years before they […]

People who assist suicide will face test of motives, says DPP

This story spelled out the new guidelines for officials deciding whether to prosecute in suspected cases of assisted suicide in England and Wales. It listed various factors “which could mitigate against prosecuting”. As a transitive verb, mitigate doesn’t couple with against. Rather, we could have said these factors weighed against, or militated against, prosecuting. Or […]

Sir Terry Pratchett calls for euthanasia tribunals

“Choice is very important in this matter. But there will be some probably older, probably wiser GPs, who will understand. The tribunal would be acting for the good of society as well as that of the applicant – and ensure they are of sound and informed mind, firm in their purpose, suffering from a life-threatening […]

A life and death question: hopes and fears rise as right to die decision nears

What the bill proposes Those diagnosed as terminally ill, aged over 18 and expected to die within six months could be handed a lethal medication by a doctor. The patient must have been resident in England or Wales for a year. Two doctors would have to independently confirm the patient was terminally ill and that […]

Right-to-die campaigner who starved herself said she had ‘no alternative’

Dr Peter Saunders, campaign director of Care Not Killing, said: “It is not illegal to starve and dehydrate oneself to death but neither is it right. My fear is that this unusual case will be seized upon by the pro-euthanasia lobby to further their agenda of legalising assisted suicide and euthanasia. However we might sympathise […]