Brooks: Democrats Have Tried to ‘Get the Issue’ on COVID Relief Rather Than Solve Problem – GOP Wrongly Thinks It’s ‘Normal’ Circumstance

Brooks said, “I think, on the larger issue, the Republicans probably have this one wrong. They’re treating this as a normal fiscal circumstance, where it’s important to save money and be fiscally responsible. And they point out that hundreds of billions of dollars of the last CARES package have not been spent yet. But the […]

Could unlocking the mystery of the mealworm’s gut help solve our plastic crisis?

Brandon says that for mealworms to be a viable recycling solution there would need to be a system to collect and treat the partly digested plastic they excrete. Using the bacteria in bioreactor vats instead could be easier to control and would leave no plastic residue. There’s even the potential to use bacteria to break […]

Why is there a problem with getting a test for Covid-19 in the UK?

The health secretary, Matt Hancock, said it would take “a couple of weeks” to boost capacity and solve the issue in the short term. But Prof Alan McNally at the University of Birmingham, who helped set up the Milton Keynes Lighthouse Lab, was puzzled by the explanation. “If people are asking for tests and being […]

Climate change: Seven technology solutions that could help solve crisis

The European Union has established an energy labelling scheme that labels appliances for how energy efficient they are, informing consumers about how much it will cost them to run refrigerators and washing machines, as well as other products from light bulbs to televisions.

Agriculture 2.0: With drones, analytics and mobile apps, agri-tech startups are tackling India’s farming problems

Gujarat, in 2017, witnessed one of its worst-ever floods. Over 200 people died, and more than 113,000 had to be evacuated by the Indian Army, Indian Air Force, Border Security Force among other rescue teams. As human life was in peril, the crops destroyed in the calamity were, understandably, not in focus. Yet, for a […]

Palm oil producers in Malaysia look to prisons, rehab centres to solve labour crunch amid Covid-19

Migrants from Indonesia and Bangladesh make up nearly 85% of plantation hands in an industry locals typically shun as dirty, dangerous and difficult. But travel and movement restrictions have left producers grappling with a shortage of 37,000 workers, nearly 10% of the total workforce.

Microsoft admits there’s a serious problem with Windows 10

While it’s good that Microsoft has now acknowledged this problem, there isn’t an official fix at the moment, with the documentation just saying that “Microsoft is working on a resolution and will provide an update in an upcoming release.”

How even a short walk can boost your memory: Exercise improves concentration and problem-solving skills, scientists discover

The authors, from Jonkoping and Linkoping universities, conclude: ‘This systematic review strongly suggests that aerobic, physical exercise followed by a brief recovery… improves attention, concentration, and learning and memory functions in young adults.’

New gravitational-lensing study hints at problems for dark matter models

Two possibilities The researchers suggest there are two likely explanations for this discrepancy: either we don’t appreciate all the properties of dark matter, or there’s something missing from our simulations of the Universe’s evolution. Since both of those get the big picture of the Universe largely right, however, the issue is going to be a […]

Former cop on New York Times’ op-ed calling police ‘the problem’: ‘It has gone too far’

Purnell and Stahly-Butts decried the 100,000 new police officers the crime bill commissioned and claimed the surge only helped reduce overall crime by 1.3 percent. They also noted a 26 percent drop in overall crime from 1993-2000 but were unwilling to credit law enforcement, instead attributing the drop to pre-school and job programs.