The Hill’s Morning Report – Sponsored by National Industries for the Blind – Prudent or ‘pathetic’? GOP senators plan to vote on coronavirus relief Thursday

House Oversight and Reform Committee Chairwoman Carolyn MaloneyCarolyn Bosher MaloneyNorth Carolina attorney general says DeJoy allegations merit investigation Meadows signals DeJoy will cooperate with congressional investigation House Democrats to investigate accusations DeJoy reimbursed former employees for GOP contributions MORE (D-N.Y.) late on Monday announced a new investigation into Postmaster General Louis DeJoyLouis DeJoyNorth Carolina attorney […]

The Walking Dead Villain Watch season 8, episode 9: Honor

Moving the needle: The only way for The Walking Dead to wrap things up in a satisfying manner and give Negan some semblance of an arc will be to make the villain a central focus of the plot throughout the remaining episodes. He’s a character that simply needs more exploration to feel like anything more […]

Three Trainers on How to Reduce Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety When You Return to Work

So my remote collar for my dog goes to a level 100. When I use it on my dog, I use it on a level 7. I don’t even feel it, but what my dog feels is a touch on her neck, she turns, looks at me, and I’m smiling telling her how great she […]

Midwest Battleground States Could Decide Election, And Voters of Color Could be Critical Factor

A COVID Emergency Relief Fund started by the group raised 100,000 for mixed-status families, which are families that include U.S. citizens as well as undocumented people. The unprecedented nature of the pandemic meant the group was asking itself a difficult but necessary question: “How can we talk to people about their civic duty, if they […]

The Latest: Clemson to remove name of pro-slavery politician

BERLIN — German Chancellor Angela Merkel has weighed in on a debate over whether to remove the word ‘race’ from Germany’s constitution, after some lawmakers and activists said using the term supports the discredited notion of separate human races.

By ignoring this community, venture capitalists are missing out

But despite the Hypercultural Latinx community’s power, some of its unique problems go unsolved. Living a 100% American, 100% Latino life experience means encountering challenges white America doesn’t have to think about. Some of these issues include juggling two languages, experiencing both subtle and overt racism, and having our narrative mostly ignored by mainstream media. […]

Alphabet’s robot division gets retooled as part of X research lab

Google has been searching for someone to replace Rubin and lead the Robotics group, and it looks like the group is finally getting some leadership in the form of Alphabet’s newly renamed “X” group. A report from The New York Times says that the robot team will be moving to the X division, and Alphabet’s […]

Never Fail at Your Daily Practice Again

To have that sort of relationship to daily practice is a blessing, one that eludes most people. Most people struggle to maintain their daily practice and the vast majority let go of their daily practice, even if they’ve been able to maintain it for months and even years. This happens because powerful challenges arise that […]

Former Top NRA Executive Gives Tell-All Account Of Organization’s Excesses And Extremes

POWELL: In the case of that particular law, that goes squarely on the shoulders of the National Rifle Association. This is a perfect example of the problem. There are100 million-plus gun owners. And you’d be very hard pressed to find one that has any problem with taking a background check to obtain a firearm. It’s […]

Evaluating People “by the Content of Their Character”

We call these omnipotent and impotent personalities. We discovered that those with omnipotent personalities both think and act as if they are emotionally strong and powerful, capable of solving most problems, especially for others. Those with impotent personalities act emotionally weak. They are skilled at getting others to solve problems so that they don’t have […]