Brooks: Democrats Have Tried to ‘Get the Issue’ on COVID Relief Rather Than Solve Problem – GOP Wrongly Thinks It’s ‘Normal’ Circumstance

On Friday’s “PBS NewsHour,” New York Times columnist David Brooks stated that Republicans have incorrectly treated coronavirus relief “as a normal fiscal circumstance, where it’s important to save money and be fiscally responsible” and Democrats “have played this more politically, compromised less, tried to get the issue more than solve the problem.”

Could unlocking the mystery of the mealworm’s gut help solve our plastic crisis?

Brandon says that for mealworms to be a viable recycling solution there would need to be a system to collect and treat the partly digested plastic they excrete. Using the bacteria in bioreactor vats instead could be easier to control and would leave no plastic residue. There’s even the potential to use bacteria to break […]

Why is there a problem with getting a test for Covid-19 in the UK?

What has gone wrong? Sarah-Jane Marsh, the director of testing at NHS test and trace, said on Tuesday that the problem was not a lack of capacity at testing centres themselves but at the labs that process the swabs, which she described as “a critical pinch-point”. When demand is high, access to tests is paused […]

Climate change: Seven technology solutions that could help solve crisis

But according to the independent, statutory body the Committee on Climate Change, homes in the UK are “unfit” at the moment to meet the challenges posed by warming global temperatures and the need to reduce energy consumption. Newer, greener, electronic goods could be a good place to start.

Agriculture 2.0: With drones, analytics and mobile apps, agri-tech startups are tackling India’s farming problems

CropIn was also among the 10 research institutions and private agencies that the central government had asked to optimise Crop Cutting Experiments (CCE) across the country in September 2018. According to co-founder and COO, Kunal Prasad, the company’s products are present in 33 countries. “We now work with 2.1 million farmers worldwide, 70% of which […]

Palm oil producers in Malaysia look to prisons, rehab centres to solve labour crunch amid Covid-19

Sime Darby Plantation, the world’s largest palm producer by land size, on Wednesday said it is 2,500 workers short – about 10% of its foreign labour force – and that companies are “desperate” to explore every opportunity for new recruits.

Microsoft admits there’s a serious problem with Windows 10

While it’s good that Microsoft has now acknowledged this problem, there isn’t an official fix at the moment, with the documentation just saying that “Microsoft is working on a resolution and will provide an update in an upcoming release.”

How even a short walk can boost your memory: Exercise improves concentration and problem-solving skills, scientists discover

The authors, from Jonkoping and Linkoping universities, conclude: ‘This systematic review strongly suggests that aerobic, physical exercise followed by a brief recovery… improves attention, concentration, and learning and memory functions in young adults.’

New gravitational-lensing study hints at problems for dark matter models

This isn’t the first discrepancy of the sort we’ve seen. Dark matter models also predict that there should be more dwarf satellite galaxies around the Milky Way and that they should be more diffuse than they are. But if we were to adjust our models to make these galaxies more diffuse, we’d be less likely […]

Former cop on New York Times’ op-ed calling police ‘the problem’: ‘It has gone too far’

The article concluded, “Systems of oppression, like slavery, Jim Crow, and mass incarceration, must be reduced and abolished — not reimagined. Police officers, who primarily put people in cages, are the enforcers of mass incarceration. We must reckon with the reality that the police are part of the problem and stop investing money, power and […]