Ozoro killing: Bring our son’s killer to book, family tells IGP

“Our client informed us that the Police authority in Ozoro instead of causing investigation to the untimely, brutal and gruesome murder of the innocent deceased for the culprit to be brought to book, diverted investigation and attention to arrest about 37 suspects and transferred to Asaba who are not the killers of the deceased and […]

GoldenEye 007: Reloaded Review

Perhaps GoldenEye 007: Reloaded’s most distinct mechanic is its emphasis on stealth, though this is fiddly in execution. It’s not always clear what will set guards off when you can unload several silenced bullets into a man’s chest as he cries out in pain – which no one seems to notice because, well, the gun […]

Sean Connery’s James Bond is the best Bond ever, according to UK poll

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Derecho moves southeast after storms leave more than 1 million without power overnight

My husband and son were driving on 80 outside of Iowa City when they came upon a semi blown over. They helped him out and into our truck to wait for paramedics and police. The man is okay! @KCCINews @NWSSevereTstorm @WHO13news @NWSDesMoines @IAStormChasing pic.twitter.com/krxILhMD5a