Mind-blowing Andromeda galaxy and ‘Cosmic Inferno’ earn space photo contest’s top prizes

French photographer Nicolas Lefaudeux used a technique called tilt-shift — positioning a camera’s lens in a way that manipulates the depth of field in an image — to bring our closest neighboring galaxy closer still. His photo blurs the foreground and background while leaving the center sharply in focus, making the galaxy appear startlingly close, […]

Scenic Rivers Photo contest

Winners in the three categories in the Department of Wildlife & Fisheries’ Scenic Rivers Photography Contest as judged by professionals selected by LDWF staff. The contest celebrated the 50th anniversary of the state’s Scenic Rivers Act. Contest sponsors included the Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, The Pontchartrain Conservancy and the Louisiana Wildlife […]

World’s most beautiful scenes in Agora’s Travel photo contest

British photographer Lee Mumford used his drone to snap this stunning image of a train trundling through Sri Lanka’s epic landscape. He said: ‘I wanted to visit the beautiful country of Sri Lanka to see the iconic blue trains trundling through the lush countryside. I booked my accommodation, which had the perfect location to photograph […]

Xbox Series S will launch Nov. 10 for $299

Sams also tweeted footage of what appears to be comparison shots between the Xbox Series S and the Xbox Series X. According to a report from Windows Central, both consoles will be released on Nov. 10, but Microsoft only confirmed that the Series S will be out that day. The “more powerful” Xbox Series X will […]

Shock Xbox Series X price leak hints that new console could cost more than £600

“‘What is our attach rate of software to hardware? What are we willing to do in year one, two and three to hit 10million [units]?’”

Microsoft’s Xbox Series S is the smallest Xbox ever

Xbox Series S has been designed to be backward compatible, so gamers can play four generations of games on it. Gamers will have access to the best available version of the gaming titles supported by their Xbox console, with the help of new Smart Delivery technology. Further, with Xbox Game Pass, gamers will be able […]

Xbox Series S price is $299 and preorders start Sept. 22: Everything we know

Though Microsoft hasn’t mentioned it explicitly, it’s also likely that the Series S will offer Xbox Console Streaming – a feature that lets you play Xbox One games on your phone by streaming them from your console — which is currently still in preview. You’ll also be able to hand off games from the console to PC or […]

Xbox Series S is officially $299 and ships Nov. 10: Everything we know so far

According to the video, it will be all-digital, support 1440p up to 120 frames per second, have a Velocity Architecture 512GB SSD, be able to upscale games to 4K and stream media at 4K. It’ll also support similar next-gen features, including DirectX ray tracing, variable rate shading, variable refresh rate and “ultra-low latency” (which likely […]

Sony PS5 vs. Microsoft Xbox Series X: The best new game console for holiday 2020

As always, however, the games drive much of the real interest, especially those that will be available at launch. And price will be key, too, not just for the boxes but for the games and ancillary add-ons; for instance, the Seagate 1TB SSD storage add-on uses a proprietary design, which may make it more expensive […]

Xbox Series X launches this November, without Halo Infinite

No doubt Halo Infinite is one of the big draws for the new Xbox console as it prepares to compete with the upcoming PlayStation 5 from Sony — Halo is one of the best known game series exclusive to Microsoft. Its announcement highlighted the many other titles coming to the console in the meantime and […]