New Hampshire beaches to open June 1 with restrictions

The rules for reopening beaches in Hampton, North Hampton, Rye, Seabrook, and New Castle include closing a portion of the main road parallel to the beach in Hampton to vehicle traffic and cutting available parking in half in state-owned lots. “Active recreation,” including surfing, will be allowed, but group sports, picnics and lounging will not.

New Hampshire restaurants resume outdoor seated dining

Restaurants, which previously had been restricted to take-out and delivery, can now serve diners outside, with tables six feet apart. Staff who work directly with customers must wear masks, and customers are asked to wear them as well as they enter and exit the property, and if they go inside to use restrooms.

Man, Grandson Missing After Motorcycle Ride In New Hampshire

According to the Newport Police Department, Jerry Proper, 69, went on a motorcycle ride with his grandson, Cody Pillsbury, 22, Monday afternoon. The two were riding a red 2001 Honda GL18R1 Trike with NH license plates. Neither man has been seen since.

New Hampshire voters to choose candidates for 2 House seats

Under a temporary change to state law, anyone concerned about the virus will be allowed to vote by absentee ballot, either by mail or by dropping off completed ballots with election officials on or before Tuesday. Safety measures will in place at the polls, though it was up to each community on whether or not […]

‘Trans Satanist anarchist’ with her ‘f**k the police’ slogan wins Republican nomination for New Hampshire county sheriff after running unopposed

‘Whether one chooses to abide the edicts of this authority are one’s own decision, but that choice is critically a given person’s to make; usurpation of that sacred choice creates obedience inspired by fear, not respect.’

Coming up Tuesday: The other New Hampshire primary

In the 2nd District, the GOP primary features 2018 nominee Steven Negron and Lynne Blankenbeker, who also ran that year, along with Eli Clemmer and Matthew Bjelobrk. The winner will likely face U.S. Rep. Annie Kuster, who’s seeking her fifth term and faced retiree Joseph Mirzoeff in the Democratic primary.

New Hampshire 16-Year-Old Vera Rivard Swims Across English Channel

“As she leaves the beach in England for her English Channel attempt, I will be the proudest parent ever! Not if she finishes, not how fast she swims, but that she was brave enough to start,” Rivard’s mother, Darcie DeBlois-Rivard, wrote beforehand on Facebook.

New Hampshire Woman Votes Topless After Being Told Anti-Trump Shirt Not Allowed at Polling Station

“I said I’d rather she not,” Scafidi said. “But she took it off so fast, no one had time to react. So the whole place just went, ‘whoa’ and she walked away, and I let her vote.” He noted there were about 15 other voters present at the time, and with no children present, he […]

Missing New Hampshire Man, Grandson Found Dead After Motorcycle Crash

BOSCAWEN, NH (CBS) – The desperate search for a New Hampshire man and his grandson has come to a tragic end. Jerry Proper, 69, and his 22-year-old grandson Cody Pillsbury left on a motorcycle ride together Monday. They were found dead three days later after a crash, police said.

New Hampshire police chief refuses to reinstate officer who was fired over racist text messages

Brown’s attorney, Mark Morrissette, told CNN the police department is “trying to inflame the situation and describe him as being racist. That’s unfair to Mr. Brown, he’s had an honorable and commendable career. They promoted him and they’ve given him a number of awards during his career.”