Spirit Molecules: Allies for Healing from Trauma

People with PTSD use all kinds of medications to self-medicate. Understanding the types of drugs that people use help us understand more specifically the psychological biological and spiritual needs to address through the with conscious use of psychoactive alternatives. With the exception of tobacco, which I include here, because of its historical use as a ritual […]

Anker Soundcore Spirit Dot 2 review: Good, but puzzling

The Spirit X2 sit at nine hours of battery life per charge and 36 hours of playback in total when factoring in the charging case. The Spirit Dot 2, by comparison, offer just 5.5 hours of playtime per charge and 16 hours in total. That’s better than the Google Pixel Buds 2, and because I […]

How to Watch, Live Stream Trump Remarks at White House’s ‘Spirit of America Showcase’

Trump’s expected to deliver his Spirit of America remarks in the Grand Foyer of the White House at 11:30 a.m., ET. The White House will stream the president’s speech on its YouTube channel and C-SPAN will also cover the event on its website and on television on C-SPAN 3.

Psychedelics and the Out-of-Body Experience

I believe the significance of these tentative findings comes clearer as we begin to map out the circuits that build up the sense of self. When those self-circuits break apart, they can induce an OBE. Alternatively, if they break in a different way, the self dissolves. OBEs and LSD trips can both be seen as […]

Newly-Discovered Exoplanet Offers Best Chance of Finding Alien Life

Dubbed “super-Earth,” LHS 1140b is a celestial body around 1.4 times the size of Earth, but seven times the mass. Situated in the constellation of Cetus, also known as The Sea Monster, it’s a rocky and temperate planet, orbiting a quiet red dwarf star 40 light years away — not far at all in galactic terms.

This digital ‘nose’ could make your coffee smell better and improve your cooking

Fortunately, the company has seen plenty of interest. After taking its first device, the NeOse Pro, to US fragrance and cosmetics giant IFF in 2019, Aryballe saw a flurry of interest from food manufacturers, automotive companies and home-appliance makers. A recent funding round led by Samsung Ventures and French small appliance giant Groupe SEB closed […]

Fall Guys Fan-Made Mini-Games Pop Up in Minecraft, Fortnite, And More

Trials Rising, the game Kalzzone8 used to make two mini-games, is a bike-racing game developed and published by Ubisoft. Players have made all sorts of wild creations, like this doodle rider where the player draws a line for a biker to ride, with it and now Kalzzone8 repurposed the editor for their impressive Slime Climb-like […]

100 Albums Released in 2020 to Put on Your Radar

Artist Molly Tuttle was the first woman to win the International Bluegrass Music Association’s Guitar Player of the Year for two years in a row. She stunned listeners with last year’s genre-defying solo debut “When You’re Ready” and her subsequent live shows. Her new album includes covers of songs by The Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, […]

Mufti Qavi claims ‘fake’ video created after comments against Indian violence in Kashmir

Responding to a question about taking selfies, he had said there was nothing wrong with the practice since taking pictures is allowed. He has 70,000 selfies snapped at different places and still willing to pose with anybody who wants to take a picture with him, he had said.

An insider’s guide to Montevideo: a mix of tranquility and vibrant culture

Best venue? El Bajo. Not long ago, these blocks in the Old City of Montevideo were abandoned and it wasn’t a place where I would recommend people go. But a couple of years ago, a group of artists and entrepreneurs took the place over and refurbished it. Now El Bajo is home to visual artists, […]