Ghost town! London’s busy Soho is already deserted at end of first curfew weekend after streets were packed with revellers all leaving bars together at 10pm on Saturday

‘A level of 10,000 (cases) we are seeing now means that in three or four weeks we are going to see 100 deaths a day,’ he said. ‘In order to stop that process increasing again, then we need to make sure that that transmission comes down now because that doubling time will carry on. The […]

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Alexa

“Alexa, ¿quién es la celebridad del día?” [Alexa, who is today’s celebrity?] “Alexa, abre el quiz de las banderas” [Alexa, open the flags quiz] “Alexa, ¿qué tan latino soy?” [Alexa, how Latino am I?] “Alexa, canta el rap del amigo” [Alexa, play the friend’s rap] “Alexa, dime un trabalenguas” [Alexa, tell me a tongue-twister] “Alexa, […]

‘It isn’t a tick-box’: young BLM activists on Black History Month in UK schools

My parents would tell me about black history or I would read things online, and there are so many people who have done really moving, groundbreaking things, like the three black women who worked for Nasa. We know all about the race to space but we never learned about them, and without them it literally […]

Jennifer Saunders joins West End workers to call for more Government help for theatre industry and end to socially-distanced audiences

Theatres were able to open in August with reduced venue capacity and limited ticket sales to ensure social distancing, while tickets are purchased online and venues encouraged to use e-tickets to reduce contact and help with track and trace.

Natasa Stankovic celebrates as son Agastya turns three months old, misses Hardik Pandya

Natasa Stankovic had a small at-home celebration as her son, Agastya, turned three months old on Friday. She shared pictures of the revelry on her Instagram page. While she looked gorgeous in a little black dress, the little one was dressed in a cute grey-coloured onesie.

Devon Malcolm’s Oval heroics a worthy focus for Black History Month

Understandably the Chance to Shine teaching aides focus on Devon Malcolm, who is the only England fast bowler to take nine wickets in an innings (I’m guessing that SF Barnes lacked sufficient pace when taking nine for 103 against South Africa in 1913). When Malcolm was on the rampage against South Africa at the Oval […]

Hackers are using a severe Windows bug to backdoor unpatched servers

Something more problematic than sophisticated In an interview, Beaumont said that the attack appeared to be entirely scripted, with all commands being completed within seconds. With that, the attackers installed a backdoor allowing remote administrative access to devices inside his mock network. The attackers—who set up an account with the username sdb and the password […]

GOP’s ‘Emailgate’ Response Shows How It Ended Up With Trump

If legislators genuinely believe that what Clinton did should be a criminal offense, they should legislate. The Espionage Act is a mess that needs to be modernized to make what exactly it prohibits clearer. Congress could also amend it so prosecutors only have to prove ordinary negligence — or even make mishandling classified documents a […]

How to turn on end-to-end encryption in Zoom (and why you should)

There are a few caveats using end-to-end encryption on Zoom. First, after following the steps above, your Zoom client will need to be updated to Zoom 5.4 or later on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, or iOS (wherever you use Zoom). Also note that third-party Zoom clients cannot support E2EE at this time. And keep in […]

Boris Johnson borrowed more money in five months to tackle coronavirus than the Government did in entire YEAR after 2008 financial crash as national debt spikes above £2 TRILLION

‘Therefore we need to take more targeted measures rather than for people being home for a very long period of time, to start to bringing people back into the labour market where we can and, where that’s not possible, then focus very much on the skills the training and how we get them into other […]