Why rich students get more financial aid than poor ones

Rankings are always partially based on performance metrics: U.S. News & World Report’s annual rankings, for example, take into account academic success and high SAT scores. Wealthier students tend to perform better on SATs, according to an assessment of SAT results by the Brookings Institution.

Liverpool make U-turn on UK virus financial aid

“A range of possible scenarios were considered, including but not restricted to: applying to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme which pays 80% of salary and guaranteeing the 20% payment; applying to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme with a guarantee to reimburse monies received at a later date and, thirdly, finding an alternative means to cover […]

Colleges suffering huge financial blows from pandemic

Scores of colleges say they’re taking heavy hits as they refund money to students for housing, dining and parking after campuses closed last month. Many schools are losing millions more in ticket sales after athletic seasons were cut short, and some say huge shares of their reserves have been wiped out amid wild swings in […]

UPDATE 1-IMF sees coronavirus-induced global downturn ‘way worse’ than financial crisis

To that end, the IMF’s board in coming days would review a proposal to create a new short-term liquidity line to help provide funds to countries facing problems. Georgieva also urged central banks and particularly the U.S. Federal Reserve to continue offering swap lines to emerging economies. (Reporting by Andrea Shalal in Washington and Stephanie […]

Australia must help Pacific neighbours fight coronavirus, aid groups say

“I think there is a moral imperative that if we really want things to return to normal in Australia, we have to think about how we also make it return to normal within our region and more broadly as quickly as we can.”

UEFA explores financial rule changes due to pandemic impact

“If European clubs don’t pay Spanish clubs the Spanish clubs may not be able to pay other European clubs,” Tebas said. “That is why it’s important for the Financial Fair Play regulations to continue as they are and there is no one who wants to make the most of the circumstances and not pay. It […]

F1 team Mercedes to deliver 10,000 breathing aids to the NHS to help care for coronavirus patients

CPAP machines help to keep patients’ airways open and increase the amount of oxygen entering the lungs by pushing air and oxygen into the mouth and nose at a continuous rate. UK-based Formula One teams are also helping to produce thousands of ventilators desperately needed by the country’s National Health Service.

Washington state lawmakers press Boeing to accept aid

However, Calhoun doesn’t want to accept the aid if that means the government takes an ownership stake in the company, the Seattle Times reported. Boeing plans to pay employees through Tuesday and then 30,000 employees will have to use paid time off. 

EU plans giant economic aid rescue package

In a guest article for the newspaper Welt am Sonntag, she said that the EU budget was accepted by all member states as a means of leveling out inequalities in a spirit of solidarity and that it should now be tailored to cope with the crisis.

SAG-AFTRA Foundation Passes $1 Million Mark In COVID-19 Aid To Members In Need

“Emergency financial assistance is available for people who are unable to pay their basic living expenses (food/housing/health care) over the next two months. We ask that if you have the resources to cover that period, please wait to apply. These are unprecedented times and we all must steward our resources very carefully.”