Northern Ireland Brexit impact ‘mapping exercise’ finally released

Among the most serious issues impacted by Brexit is cross-border policing. It is known that both the Garda Síochána and the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) are concerned about the future of data sharing and potential difficulties in apprehending criminals who flee across the border in the absence of the European arrest warrant system.

‘Star Wars Battlefront 2’ Update 1.41 Reworks Ewok Hunt & Staggering – Patch Notes

Distortion effects are now enabled when Post Process Quality is set to Low. Fixed an issue that would cause Voice Over interruptions when the End-Of-Round screens show up. Minor issues fixed on Single Player and Instant Action Front-End menus. As far as features are concerned, the big change here is the reworked Ewok Hunt mode […]

Astronomers find NO technological signs of alien life in a study of more than 10 MILLION star systems

‘When building something the size of the SKA, it’s important to try on a smaller scale first to test and refine technologies and anticipate potential challenges on a larger scale,’ said Richard Schilizzi, former director of the SKA project. 

Foul air covers all of Northern California: ‘It’s smoke all over the place’

Jarrett Claiborne, a meteorologist for the air quality district, said the air was not expected to remain “unhealthy” and not become “very unhealthy” — meaning that the game against the Arizona Cardinals was likely to go on as scheduled.

Pocketful of stars: NASA’s space telescope gives a taste of dreaminess in latest picture

NASA website threw more light on the same by explaining how observing such clusters of stars make astronomers understand not only about the evolution of stars but also help determine the factors that “end their lives as white dwarfs or explode as supernovae”.

Beginner’s tips and tricks for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Scan everything As you explore ancient Jedi temples or alien landscapes, you’ll receive prompts to scan various items. From interesting fauna to rock formations and more, you’ll be able to scan these anomalies and collect data on them. This information could help you defeat new enemies or unlock memories in Cal that awaken dormant powers. […]

NASA reveals new Hubble image featuring thousands of multi-colored stars

NASA compared the close orbit of the stars to bees swarming around a hive. The agency said it’s unlikely that the stars at the center will be orbited by planets, because they’re 100 to 1,000 times closer together than the nearest stars are to our sun. 

Northern Ireland 1-5 Norway: Two-goal Haaland stars in emphatic win

Baraclough will have gone into this game with a spring in his step after kicking off his Northern Ireland tenure with a last-gasp draw against Romania on Friday, but the 49-year-old was given a harsh lesson in the realities of international football by a relentless Norway outfit.

‘He’s really wearing on my patience’: Furious AFL star Dane Swan unloads on Daniel Andrews with expletive-riddled rant about his road map out of lockdown

‘In NSW, this has enabled the Berejiklian Government to respond to multiple outbreaks while permitting businesses and people to carry out their daily lives in a CovidSafe way,’ the statement read. 

Star Wars: Squadrons is getting HOTAS support on PS4 and Xbox One

Seems faster? Two tips to make Surface Duo feel smoother for navigation Since Surface Duo runs Android 10, there are multiple ways to customize it and improve it to your liking. Here are two simple tips that change how the OS feels and may even make it all feel smoother. All it takes is 3 […]