Every ‘Star Trek’ Theme Song Ranked

Star Trek: Voyager The Next Generation theme may be the defining musical motif for all of modern Star Trek, but Goldsmith topped its sonic pleasures when he composed the Voyager theme in the middle of a decade-long run scoring Star Trek movies (including beloved entries like First Contact, and loathed ones like Nemesis). Completely different […]

Audi Ban Formula-E Star For Cheating In Charity Video Game Race

But his lapse in judgement over the weekend did not please Audi, which said: “Integrity, transparency and consistent compliance with applicable rules are top priorities for Audi – this applies to all activities the brand is involved in without exception. 

Top 10: Ugliest race-winning F1 cars

The last Cooper to win a world championship grand prix was not as ungainly as it looked. The Maserati engine, based on a V12 design tried in the 250F the previous decade, seemed almost to spill out of the rear but, in a 1966 season when only Brabham got its act together for the move […]

Fortnite Utopia secret Battle Star locations from each loading screen

Fortnite Utopia Battle Star loading screen location 1 Fortnite Utopia Battle Star loading screen location 2 Fortnite Utopia Battle Star loading screen location 3 Fortnite Utopia Battle Star loading screen location 4 Fortnite Utopia Battle Star loading screen location 5 Fortnite Utopia Battle Star loading screen location 6 Fortnite Utopia Battle Star loading screen location […]

MicroProse is working on a multiplayer VR bomber sim

B-17 Flying Fortress was stressful enough when  you just had to worry about yourself and the AI, but I suspect things will be a lot more taut once you throw up to nine other players into the mix. And in VR, too. I predict a lot of panicking and some strained friendships. 

Ascot has to cancel Shergar Cup because of international dimension

This year’s Shergar Cup, the competition involving jockeys representing regions of the world along with an international women’s team, has had to be cancelled. The Ascot event, scheduled for its usual early-August slot, was perhaps the race day most vulnerable to the coronavirus crisis, since it requires the presence of jockeys drawn from all around […]

F1 2020: Daniel Ricciardo Bathurst 1000 wildcard with McLaren, Supercars

The 30-year-old star confirmed last week he is making a seismic move from Renault to English-based team McLaren for the 2021 Formula 1 season — and his new team boss Zak Brown is already thinking of side projects for Ricciardo to sink his teeth into when he arrives at the end of the 2020 season.

Malayalam director Sanal Kumar Sasidharan on collaborating with Manju Warrier in ‘A’hr (Kayattam)’

Like many other films waiting in the wings for a theatrical release, Kayattam’s theatrical release has also been hampered by the lockdown. Sanal says the producer are mulling an OTT release as there are several biggies lined-up for release as soon as theatres open. “It is a period of uncertainty for all of us and […]

Cesar Azpilicueta Backed As A Future Chelsea Coach By Teammates Past And Present

“I wouldn’t have sat there and spoken too much with other players about it, and some of my former team-mates who have gone into management have surprised me,” Lampard told the club’s magazine recently. “I’ve read that some others are surprised I’ve done it, because of how I was as a player.

Imagining the Oscars With No Oscar Bait

Part 1: The Contenders In one highly specific sense, the Academy is lucky the coronavirus struck this year, as this winter’s offerings were actually slightly better than most. (Had it hit five years earlier, we would have been in for the Mortdecai Oscars.) By my count, just over 50 films were released before the shutdown, […]