Star Trek’s 50-year mission: to shine a light on the best of humankind

In that same interview, Cruz said: “The original Star Trek pressed for racial equality, which was one of its best characteristics, but it did so without sermonising.” That’s a peculiar way to look at the show, considering Star Trek featured the first interracial kiss on American TV and numerous episodes were allegories about the evils […]

Donald Trump’s US Space Force logo boldly goes where Star Trek went before

The Pentagon’s new US Space Force logo appears to have boldly gone where Star Trek went before. President Donald Trump unveiled the Space Force logo on Friday, writing on Twitter that he had consulted with military leaders and designers before presenting the blue-and-white symbol, which features an arrowhead shape centered on a planetary background and encircled by […]

Watch the Star Trek Discovery Opening Credit Sequence

The opening credits video debuted on Star Trek YouTube, while the episode title video surfaced on the Star Trek Discovery Twitter, which reveals that the first four episodes are entitled “The Vulcan Hello,” “Battle at the Binary Stars,” “Context Is For Kings” and “The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not For the Lambs Cry.” These titles certainly […]

Sonequa Martin-Green’s Star Trek Discovery Character Finally Revealed

Rainn Wilson is set to appear in Star Trek Discovery as Harry Mudd, the charismatic conman and intergalactic criminal first introduced in the original Star Trek television series. The Emmy nominated actor’s credits include The Office, and the films Super and Meg, opposite Jason Statham, a pre-historic shark tale. He joins a cast that also […]

Star Trek Discovery Casts Spock’s Dad; Release Date Gets Delayed

Star Trek, one of the most iconic and influential global television franchises, returns to television 50 years after it first premiered with Star Trek Discovery. The series will feature a new ship, new characters, and new missions, while embracing the same ideology and hope for the future that inspired a generation of dreamers and doers. […]

New Star Trek Beyond Aliens Revealed for First Contact Day

RELATED: J.J. Abrams & Star Trek Cast Attend Anton Yelchin Photo Exhibit “To celebrate the moment when Humans and Vulcans made first contact (April 5, 2063), thought I’d share a photo from the first day of the Star Trek Beyond shoot. Here I am hanging with two of my favorite people to ever work with. […]

The Big Bang Theory fans call out error with Leonard and Sheldon’s Star Trek figures

He ultimately decides to keep them, so maybe in the heat of the moment he pulled out the wrong figure in order to save his most prized one.

Royal fans jazz up the Queen’s outfit with Star Trek and Sex Pistol looks following her royal address

The Queen was also made into a series of memes after sharing a snap of herself on the phone to Boris Johnson.

Battlestar Galactica Coming Soon to Fight With Star Wars and Star Trek MMOs

Players will be able to play as either humans or Cylons, in both ship combat sequences and away missions on planets. The developers are working closely with the production company at Universal that is behind the show, sharing sound and computer assets, and possibly more, “There will really be a link between the show and […]

Mozart meets ‘Star Trek’ in an online watch party? Beam us up

In 2016, Pacific Opera Project boldly went where no troupe had gone before with a one-off “Star Trek”-style staging of “The Abduction From the Seraglio,” Mozart’s 18th century musical melodrama that tells the tale of a young hero on a quest to rescue his beloved from a sultan’s harem.