How to Send New Apps Directly to the App Library on iPhone

App Library is Apple’s own take on Android’s app drawer. It’s a single screen that lists all of the apps installed on your iPhone. The apps are intelligently organized in different folders, and it’s easy to search through them as well. You’ll find App Library on the right-most page of the iPhone home screen.

Everything you need know about the Wii U

A: There has been some confusion about this over time, but at E3 2012 Nintendo confirmed that the Wii U will be able to stream content and receive input from up to two GamePads at the same time. However, no games currently announced for the system make use of more than one GamePad, and Nintendo […]

What New Yorkers Learned From Actually Having to Meet Their Neighbors

Kiera, Greenpoint: “Shortly after my neighbor moved in, I realized that he kept strange hours. I heard his door opening and closing all the time, late into the night. What kind of errands could he be running? He had guests too. He wasn’t having parties, just one or two people stopping in for an hour or […]