This spring, in the early days of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States, New York began conducting a weekly poll to learn more about how the pandemic was upending our readers’ lives. Thousands of you opened up to us about the havoc this year was wreaking on your mental health, work-life balance, future plans, […]

Homeless Shelter Staff Are Saving New York’s School System

The start of school this fall has been complete chaos for nearly every parent, teacher, and student in the US. Reopening plans have changed constantly and many parents weren’t even sure whether their kids were physically going to school or not until the last minute. As schools opened in Southern states in August, parents watched […]

Parents Who Double As Essential Workers Are Struggling More Than Ever. Here Are Their Stories.

I was trying to have Zoom meetings all the time with the baby crying. It was a lot of feeling like I was overextended, but not being a good parent and not being a good employee and it was hard to feel like I could accomplish anything. I have a good relationship with everyone at […]

What America Learned—and Didn’t Learn—From the Breonna Taylor Grand Jury Testimony

That’s why the cops were at Taylor’s home that night. Not because they thought she was a dealer, or a bad girl—she was neither—but because she’d been dating a bad guy. And that bad guy spent time with her and listed her apartment as his home address with Chase Bank, where he had an account. […]

Music Prepares for Potential TikTok Ban

But the music industry remained cheerfully oblivious to these dangers since TikTok kept spraying out hits. Not everyone swooned over the app, of course — speaking off the record, A&Rs will happily point out that labels’ TikTok obsession can border on the ridiculous, creating a wild market bubble that has little, if any, regard for […]