Shopaholic, fast food-loving mum who spends £160 a month on internet diet pills ditches ‘dangerous’ habit for healthy eating and drops a STONE in eight weeks while saving £560

With the family happy, healthy and more financially stable, Fatima says: ‘It’s not a diet any more. I feel much healthier, you know when you wake up in the morning and you feel good with yourself. I wouldn’t take diet pills ever again’.

Digital is the new buzzword for jobs of the future!

The field of engineering has been a popular career choice for decades and still continues to hold its ground. But in this fast changing world of technology where technologies get obsolete very fast and upgradation is the new normal, universities have to make sure their curriculums are up to date with the right skills required […]

Etsy’s on fire as reusable face mask sales surge

“Reusable face masks are something that most people didn’t have a few months ago. Over time, the face mask market will evolve in many ways,” said Edward Yruma, analyst with Keybanc Capital Markets, which made the $9 billion projection. “Masks won’t only be tied to a health and safety function but a fashion statement as […]