Daughters of the bomb: my reckoning with Hiroshima, 75 years later

When I first read the book in 1991, I was struggling to make sense of my place among some Americans who still – 46 years after the bomb – saw someone like me as subhuman. I was a child with a Japanese immigrant father (he was born three years after the bomb) and a white […]

Hero PC Andrew Harper’s mother slams ‘unduly lenient’ sentences for her son’s killers who will go free in eight years – as she welcomes review of their jail terms

‘Four weeks was all I had’: Widow’s heartbreaking victim impact statement to the Old BaileyThis is my third attempt at writing a victim impact statement. After many words of anguish, scriptures of love and testimonies of heart break, I sit at this task with an emptiness that I without pretence admit that in an attempt […]

The masked duchess! Kate Middleton is seen wearing a face protector for the first time as she helps unpack donations at a baby bank in Sheffield in £15 cotton covering from Amaia

Speaking after the visit, Baby Basics CEO Cat Ross said: ‘Having her visit and seeing the work we do has been just amazing. It will really help people to hear and know about Baby Basics and the work we do. A lot of people have heard about food banks but don’t necessarily know about the […]

Someone should make a game about: Muscle Men

It’s here that the Western story of Muscle Men begins. US toy company Mattel was running dry on ideas and looking for something to follow the fading He-Man line, so it looked to Japan and saw Kinnikuman. It was a perfect fit. Except, oh, that cartoon is a bit violent, parents won’t like that, and […]

Why Ondo Assembly suspended ZLP lawmaker

Vanguard gathered that the lawmaker was said to have sent some stinkers to Assembly members from the southern senatorial district on the lawmakers’ WhatsApp platform for being part of those who signed the impeachment of the deputy governor.

As we debate the NDDC and Magu, let’s remember Abdulrasheed Maina

That was how high Maina’s reach went – into the inner recesses of the presidency. A civil servant! During one of his court appearances, he showed up in a wheelchair and actually wanted the court under Justice Okon Abang to grant him reprieve on account of his staged ill-health. Like Olisa Metuh and Diezani Allison-Madueke, […]

Ryan Reynolds on ‘Deadpool,’ diversity, and the secrets of successful marketing

Reynolds invested in Aviation, which was originally founded by a bartender and distiller duo in the Pacific Northwest, mostly because he liked it so much that he couldn’t stop thinking of ways to help it succeed. Which is pretty much the same reason he purchased a significant ownership stake in four-year-old Mint Mobile last year. […]

John Hume: A lesser-known life of fish, finance and football

John Hume: A life remembered In their words: Former presidents and current prime ministers pay tribute to Mr Hume’s illustrious career Inspiring a generation: Young people explain what John Hume meant to them In pictures: The career of one Northern Ireland’s foremost political leaders Analysis: The man who was able to unpick the lock of […]

Bill Barr’s Plan to Rig 2020 for Trump: Frame ‘Deep State’ for Russia’s 2016 Interference

It shouldn’t need to be said, but it does, that this has almost no basis in fact. Yes, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page wrote those text messages they shouldn’t have written, although there’s no proof so far that they did anything to follow through on their ill-advised joking. Beyond that, well, there are enough stray […]

The 30 best comedies to watch on Netflix right now

There’s Five, who is a 58-year-old man trapped in a 15-year-old’s body, Klaus, who can hardly get through the day with out saying something to annoy one of his siblings, to various other moments of comedy gold.