Latest key S.F. dates to know: City to expand reopening in new ‘minimal’ coronavirus risk tier

• Meeting people indoors is much riskier. If you meet people indoors, you must always wear a face covering. Make sure you’re in a room with open windows or good ventilation. Try not to touch surfaces inside. Have cleaning supplies ready, so surfaces can be wiped down often. Try to avoid using other people’s bathrooms, […]

Revised dates of Group-I Mains exams announced

In compliance with the directive of the High Court on Group-I Services, the Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) has posted on its official website the merit list of the candidates who have qualified for the Mains examination.

The customer service saga of Indian Companies

Customers, who have their share of grievances will as a reflex action call the customer care number. Phew! Dial this number to get into this category of complaints is well… a real pain. Social media is a great platform to vent and also be heard. If this is not good enough, there are witty infotainment […]

Russian President Vladimir Putin Calls For End to Hostilities in Nagorno-Karabakh

The Nagorno-Karabakh region saw an escalation of tension on 27 September, with both Yerevan and Baku accusing each other of sparking military hostilities. As of Thursday, Azeri General Prosecutor’s Office said 31 civilian was killed during the hostilities and 154 injured. According to the Armenian Unified Infocentre, 22 civilians were killed and 95 injured in […]

PTC India Fin Services net profit falls 28% to Rs 32 crore in September quarter

“The net profit stands at Rs 32 crore, with an improvement in our net interest margins to 3.58 percent. “With much-needed liquidity boost, we are now increasing our focus on lending towards sustainable infrastructure projects, renewables, HAM (hybrid annuity model) projects, waste management, sewage treatment plants, gas distribution and electric vehicle charging,” PFS said in […]

Nagorno-Karabakh conflict: Armenia, Azerbaijan meet in Geneva for peace talks

Meanwhile, in comments published on the prime ministerial web site, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, responding to questions from foreign media, said he believed “the principle of ‘remedial secession’ should be applied” to the disputed region.

Remembering Google Play Music: A mixtape for my favorite streaming music service

“And all along, I knew I had something special with you. But sometimes you just gotta know that these things fall through… I can’t hide my connection with you! I’ll never forget you!!” Despite all the ups and downs, the digs and the death knells, Play Music will always hold a special place in my […]

The Flare Path talks to Ryan Hewer

Addressing the risk of caricaturization, one of our governing design principles is that the citizens who live in Basenji have reasonable needs that are shared by people who live anywhere else in the world. They are immediately relatable: they want their kids to do well in school, they want to be able to earn money, […]

Tesla posts net profit for fifth straight quarter

On Oct. 2, Tesla reported that it had delivered 139,000 SUVs and sedans from July through September, compared with 97,000 deliveries during the same period a year ago. Analysts said China, where the economy is recovering, was a major source of sales for Tesla.

Werner: Why my 10-year run at ESPN Radio 93.5 is ending

As my family has grown, time has become possibly the most important currency in my life, and while most wouldn’t consider talking sports a real job, it is actually a job. Especially when you take pride in it. I don’t simply just turn the radio on and start talking. I hope you’ve recognized that. I […]