Murder or Suicide? 35th Anniversary of SNP Campaigner’s Mysterious Death

​A resultant police investigation ruled the cause of MacRae’s death to be undetermined, albeit with strong suggestions he’d committed suicide, due to his history of depression. However, many aspects of the investigation remain disputed - it has since been revealed for instance MacRae’s car was moved by authorities 7th April, against protocol (as no weapon had been […]

BDU issues directive to begin online teaching

In the context of the nationwide lockdown, the university is keen on providing teachers and students online access to e-books, tutorials and other valuable inputs from academic publications of global repute, S. Srinivasa Ragavan, Professor and Head, Department of Library and Information Science, Bharathidasan University, says.

Kerala Lockdown Day 16: Rs 20 meals at Janakiya hotels, daily parcel services by Railways

Poor and needy patients undergoing treatment at the Regional Cancer Centre in Thiruvanthapuram will be supplied medicines free of cost at their respective homes, RCC director informed. State Youth Commission and the Fire and Rescue Department have volunteered to undertake the task. Those in need of medicines will have to contact the State Youth Commission […]

Vajpayee’s career reflected the vicissitudes of Indian history

• He was the only prime minister after Jawaharlal Nehru to get a favourable verdict in three consecutive elections, though Nehru had secured decisive majorities for his own party.

Missing school? Check out these websites and learning resources to keep your mind ticking

1. Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing (DIKSHA): DIKSHA hosts more than 80,000 curriculum-linked and curated content pieces in 15 languages. The wide range of educational material includes explanation videos, experiential content, activities, quizzes, interactive games, lesson plans and worksheets, all of which create an engaging learning experience.