China threatens to pull big business out of Britain and accuses Boris Johnson of being ‘America’s dupe’ after banning Huawei from UK’s 5G network

Donald Trump appeared to claim credit for the U-turn, telling a press conference last night: ‘We convinced many countries – many countries – and I did this myself, for the most part – not to use Huawei because we think it’s an unsafe security risk. 

WMG Took a Hit Its First Quarter Since Going Public. Here’s Why It Isn’t Sweating, Even in a Pandemic

The second quarter of 2020 brings to mind a scene from the movie The Big Short. “Do you smell that?” asks investment banker Jared Bennet (played by Ryan Gosling) when pitching an exotic financial instrument based on housing mortgages to a New York hedge fund. “Opportunity,” says his assistant. “No,” Bennet shoots back. “Money.” Yes, […]

Lyricists release a video demanding credit for their work

Appeal through musicI remembered this incident when I saw the video of some eminent lyricists pleading via song for credits to be accorded to them in online music portals. Clearly, not much has changed since Sahir Ludhianvi took on the babudom of All India Radio on the same issue and won. Those who have grown […]

China’s July exports spike an unexpected 7.2%

Coronavirus’ top winners: From Netflix to Tesla Gaming gains Gaming provided a perfect escape for millions stuck at home. Online games such as Call of Duty attracted tens of millions of players. The latest game, Nintendo’s popular Animal Crossing franchise, sold more than 13 million units within six weeks of its launch in March. Nintendo’s […]

Whose words are they anyway: Looking at the debate about the rights of songwriters

When private FM channels took over the airwaves, the RJs talked of everything under the sun except about the song they were about to play. Similarly, when posters and inlay cards of cassettes gave way to digital archiving, lyricists lost out to composers and singers. It became worse with online portals, whose claim is that […]

6 secrets to getting hired during an economic downturn

Demonstrate you can roll with the punches The pandemic has forced a reset in the market overall and for many businesses. The study by SHRM found 10% of employers are in the process of beginning new initiatives; however, the study by PwC found 55% of CEOs believe they can’t innovate successfully and 44% cannot pursue […]

Carlson: Left’s Response to Coronavirus Much Like ‘Authoritarian’ China — ‘Characterized’ by Corruption, Lack of Social Trust, Deep Cynicism About Gov’t

CARLSON: “As you well know, there is no chance in the world that we could do that to Chicago or to New York or to San Francisco.” That’s what Fauci said. Note his use of the word “to.” The Chinese government was doing these things to its people, not for them. In other words, these […]

Global growth forecast cut by IMF amid trade tensions

Japan and the eurozone both have one of their central bank interest rates below zero. In the financial markets, the European Central Bank and the US Federal Reserve are thought to be likely to cut rates in the coming months – next week in the case of the US.

Is Maoist movement losing steam?

He explained that offensive by the security forces in the form of Operation Green Hunt and ‘SAMADHAN’ saw deployment of 5.5 lakh police and paramilitary personnel in areas where the movement was active. “As a result, the mass base has become weak and the area of the movement shrank. We couldn’t extend the class struggle […]