A Seattle artist draws portraits of refugees to illustrate the struggles of immigrating to America

Six years ago Keasey became aware of the global refugee crisis when learning about the civil war in Syria. Inspired to change the way people viewed immigrants and refugees, the 30-year-old wrote a book based on the stories of refugee survivors who were able to reach the United States.

Central Highlands struggles to combat spread of diphtheria, COVID-19

According to Dak Lak authorities, the province had recorded three COVID-19 cases by August 6. It has scrambled to track down those having contact with the patients and those returning from Da Nang, a coronavirus hotspot, as well as other epidemic-hit areas. The province has quarantined 92 suspected cases at the provincial Tuberculosis and Lung […]

Nebraska music venues seek help as they struggle to survive

“It has been a very difficult few months for us, our venues and the entire live music industry and unfortunately we may not be through the worst of it yet,” the company said on Facebook. “Please ask your elected representatives to support the RESTART Act and Save Our Stages Act.”

‘Uncertainty made me struggle’: Covid puts financial stress on young people

As Christie thinks about his future, he feels: “There is no direction for me going forward.” He says he worries about what he will do next and “How I am going to get myself back into the working world scares me.” He remembers the shock when he found out he was being made redundant. “There […]

‘I’m struggling with anxiety and OCD on a daily basis – I need constant reassurance’

You sound open to getting help, so well done – that’s a big start. It sounds like you have a good supportive family, and they will probably welcome you opening up more to them about how you feel, and finding ways to tackle the condition together.

Deadly Officer Involved Shooting Following Struggle In St. Pete

Detectives say Officer Savarese, fearing for her life, fired two rounds at the suspect while she was being actively choked. According to Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri, the suspect was approximately six feet tall and approximately 175 pounds. He does have a criminal history.

‘It was a blessing in a way’: Coronation Street’s Tina O’Brien reveals the struggles of filming intimate scenes due to social distancing

‘I can understand why he thinks that Sarah’s got feelings for Gary because she isn’t being very honest with him or behaving as she should. She should be more open with him but I think she’s got trust issues. I do think she’s under no illusion that if she carries this on she could lose […]

Struggling Toshiba to sell 95% of its TV unit to Hisense

Toshiba is also selling its chip business to a multinational consortium consisting of Innovation Network Corporation of Japan, Bain Capital Private Equity LP and Development Bank of Japan, but its US joint venture partner Western Digital has turned to a San Francisco court to try and block the sale.