New Zealand election TV debate: fears inclusion of fringe party may ‘legitimise conspiracy theories’

New Zealand’s speaker ordered Ross to remove another video in August because it contained footage from parliament, which cannot be used in political advertising without permission from those depicted. The clip took a government minister out of context to falsely claim Covid-19 vaccinations would be compulsory for all New Zealanders.

Savage review – moving New Zealand street-gang saga

A pulse of vulnerability beats at the heart of Sam Kelly’s outwardly imposing but unexpectedly touching debut feature. Across three decades, it charts the punk’s progress of young New Zealander Danny into copiously tattooed street-gang life. After being sent to borstal in the 1960s for stealing food and brutalised there, he befriends a Māori boy […]

New Zealand builds world-first hub for women’s sport

“The IWG on Women and Sport is the world’s largest network of experts and professionals in women’s sport. We think it’s our job to promote and support the work of those members of the network and share it as widely as we can across the world,” Froggatt says.

10 years since the Darfield earthquake rocked New Zealand: what have we learned?

This multi-fault rupture produced a magnitude 7.1 earthquake that released 13 times more energy than the Christchurch earthquake. It was named the Darfield earthquake, after the nearest town, and violently shook us from our beds at 4.35am on September 4 2010.

At least 28 bird and mammal species have been saved from extinction since 1993 thanks to conservation action, study claims

In some cases, conservation efforts simply are not enough, the team noted. For example, the Gulf of California’s Vaquita, or ‘Phocoena sinus’, is a porpoise species whose numbers continue to fall despite efforts to minimise the damage of fishing.  

‘It brings a lot of emotion and anxiety’: The truth about readjusting to life in New Zealand

“In my working life, I am dealing with so many driven and forward-thinking people that this sentiment is just not in my reality, so it has been a surprise to me. I know these voices do not represent the majority of our nation, and we have been so warmly welcomed to our new community. I […]

Aotearoa in 20: Koko Tao misses some things about Shanghai, but she loves the life her family has made in New Zealand

Usually I’m in the restaurant in mornings and I look after front of house. Then I pick up the kids from school and pre-school, let them do their after-school activities. We go home and I do the cooking, bathe them, and put them to bed. My husband is at the restaurant late – we try […]

Astronomers find NO technological signs of alien life in a study of more than 10 MILLION star systems

‘When building something the size of the SKA, it’s important to try on a smaller scale first to test and refine technologies and anticipate potential challenges on a larger scale,’ said Richard Schilizzi, former director of the SKA project. 

From stand-up comedy to challenging the system: the ambitious Chlöe Swarbrick

“When I came into the parliament, I was like, ‘I’m going to talk about constitutional reform and this is going to be sick,’” Swarbrick says. But after “properly looking into” the issue of cannabis, including the way a prohibition on its possession, sale and use disproportionately affects vulnerable people, she says, “I have become really, […]

Chlöe Swarbrick is the voice of young progressives but can she stay the distance?

The growing interest in Swarbrick comes as progressives have to watch Jacinda Ardern’s government struggle to fulfil the leftwing agenda many believed was promised at the election. From problems in housing, taxation, inequality, and the environment, the expectations of liberals and leftists have been repeatedly let down by a government making compromises, U-turns, or just […]