More games should give us the option to walk through worlds, instead of forcing us to sprint through them

Humans, even meta-humans, don’t often converse while sprinting from one place to another. When exploring new places, we don’t reach down and pump up our Air Max shoes for a quick lap around the perimeter. We take our time, drink in the details and admire the view. Our brains notice little things, which spark synapses […]

The Best Space Heaters For Small Spaces

Things to Consider Before Buying a Space Heater Space heaters come in a wide variety of styles and models, including large-scale heaters not ideal for carrying around but great if you plan to leave it in one spot. The most popular portable space heaters are usually towers, which are slightly larger, or small handheld heaters […]

Chilling moment ice-cold ‘paedo’ abducts girl, 6, from outside flats before dad catches him in the nick of time

It’s not been reported if the man has filed a complaint against the girl’s father for the use of force.

Top model Daria Kyryliuk, 24, brutally beaten by security guards at Turkish nightclub

“I love Turkey and it’s a beautiful country, but it’s very sad something like that can happen in the 21st century.”

Beirut’s day of destruction: Explosion lays waste to Lebanese capital with dazed and bloodied survivors picking through the rubble in darkness, desperately hunting lost loved-ones

In St Maron Parish, the priest was broadcasting his sermon to his congregation, as is the norm during coronavirus. An initial blast knocks out the power and the candles behind him blow out ominously – but he perseveres, unaware of what is approaching.

Movie Review: Michael Moore’s

Where are the Russians in Fahrenheit 11/9? Vladimir Putin shows up two or three times in passing. For Moore’s thesis, they’re only relevant in demonstrating Trump’s affection for despots, and, more important, for the ways in which his asides about postponing the 2020 election and becoming president for life might creep into mainstream of public […]

Why buying TikTok is a smart move for Microsoft

According to data from eMarketer, a TikTok deal might put Microsoft back in the game in terms of interactive display ads. The market for such ads has been dominated by Facebook and Google for a long time, with Microsoft lagging far behind (it gets only about 1.5% of that business in the U.S.). TikTok collects […]

Stuntwomen Documentary Trailer Follows the Women Behind the Action of the Modern Day Blockbuster

This captivating film spotlights some of the most extraordinary stuntwomen of our time and skillfully weaves personal interviews with a treasure trove of archival materials, including rare onset footage and photos. Among the pioneers and rising stunt performers interviewed include Jeannie Epper (Wonder Woman, Charlie’s Angels), Julie Ann Johnson (Caprice, Charlie’s Angels), Jadie David (Foxy […]