Is there a case for issuing immunity certificates?

There is also a public health risk of issuing immunity certificates — people whose livelihood has have been affected would be encouraged to adopt risky behaviour so as to get infected rather than taking precautions to stay protected from the virus. This would lead to a sharp increase in cases across the country with huge […]

Skin Patch Vaccine Protects Against Influenza

Nadine Rouphael was principal investigator of the patch at Emory University School of Medicine in Georgia where she’s a professor of infectious diseases.  “The patch looks more like a Band Aid, like a nicotine patch, and then it has multiple very small needles that contain, in this case, influenza vaccine.  Those microneedles completely dissolve into […]

Russian Vaccine Researcher: Only Antibodies Can Relieve Coronavirus Symptoms

Russia’s technology is a vector vaccine based on the DNA of a SARS-CoV-2 type adenovirus, a common cold virus. Researchers embedded genetic material from the coronavirus into the harmless carrier virus to deliver small parts of the pathogen into human body and stimulate an immune response.

Vaccination of kids is one of the most stressful parts of parenting & here’s what makes it easier

What is the most challenging part of parenting? This is a question that is often met with a hoard of different answers. But while some struggle to find me time, and some scramble for a few hours of sleep, one of the most important challenges of parenting is managing the vaccination schedule for your little […]

Covid Speed Read: SII caps vaccines at Rs 225 for lower & middle income countries

Covid-19: the current count in IndiaAs per the Health Ministry, the total number of novel coronavirus (Covid-19) cases in India have reached a tally of 2,088,611. This consists of 1,427,669 people who have recovered from the virus and the death toll is at 42,578. The recovery rate amongst patients has risen to 67.98% and the […]

Do Brits who drive through Belgium have to quarantine? British tourists must isolate if they pass through lowland country but DON’T have to if they stay in their car

‘The Bahamas being included is a sign that even small islands, who rely on tourism, are not immune from such measures if they don’t take action fast enough to reduce case numbers. This addition in particular will be a wake-up call for the Caribbean.’

Coronavirus: Chances of COVID vaccine being 98% effective are ‘not great’, expert warns

More from Covid-19 Coronavirus: Young people warned ‘don’t kill granny’ as lockdown measures reimposed in Preston Coronavirus: For every three COVID-19 deaths, lockdown may have caused another two Coronavirus: New quarantine measures and tougher face covering rules come into force Coronavirus: Advice for hairdressers and beauticians to wear face shields doesn’t go far enough, scientists […]

Vaccine-like Drug Lowers ‘Bad’ Cholesterol

WASHINGTON – A drug that acts like a vaccine has been shown to lower “bad” cholesterol or LDL and reduce the amount of fatty plaque that can lead to heart attacks. The drug rallies the immune system against a molecule that contributes to atherosclerosis. 

Private Prom Attendees Should Quarantine: Health Department

“This is no time for businesses to be engaging in outings on a waterfront, or any situation where social distancing and protection will not be taken seriously. The information is out there, but many people are falling victim to denial about what is going on. We must continue to follow the logical advice about preventing […]