On World Suicide Prevention Day, celebs bring the focus on mental health

With a hope for a better world, actor Akshay Oberoi says, “We’re too caught up with the idea of hoisting our happy lives and anything that’s sad is suppressed as though it’s something we should be embarrassed about. It’s time we talked about the not-so-perfect parts of our lives and erased the stigma associated with […]

World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) 2020: Recognising Symptoms Of Suicidal Behavior

Do not be afraid to ask if he or she is sad, discouraged and/or thinking about suicide. Ask if he or she is seeing a therapist or taking medication. In some cases, the person needs to know that someone cares and is looking for the chance to talk about his or her feelings. Do not […]

Suicide prevention amid coronavirus pandemic: ‘We’re still there for each other’

Coronavirus: 8 ways to connect with nature during lockdown Virtual visit Many national parks are closed to the public, and travel is off the cards, but thanks to technology it’s possible to observe wildlife without leaving the house. Many nature reserves and animal sanctuaries have webcams you can livestream online, making it possible to “visit” […]

Young women and suicide: ‘I felt like a shell’

But actually, they reduce our inhibitions. You are much more likely to act on suicidal thoughts if you’re taking drugs or alcohol, so stay away from them.

The Myths and Warning Signs of Suicide

You should also avoid drinking excessive amounts of alcohol.  Instead, take a break and go and do something relaxing to take your mind off the situation.  Go for a walk or take some other form of exercise – and be sure to get adequate sleep.  Sleep deprivation can lead to exhaustion and, as a result, […]

Biden and Trump go on the offensive as U.S. campaign enters final stretch

LABOR ENDORSEMENTS Biden met with union leaders in Harrisburg, the Pennsylvania capital, and spoke virtually with the leader of the largest federation of U.S. labor unions, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. He also took questions from union workers and met earlier in the day with union members who served in the U.S. military.

Biden and Trump go on the offensive as US campaign enters final stretch

Polls in Pennsylvania, which Trump won narrowly in 2016, have consistently put Biden in the lead, but averages show that margin narrowing to roughly 4 to 5 percentage points, down from about 8 points in late June. Biden is scheduled to be back in Pennsylvania on Friday.

What is long Covid and what are the symptoms?

“There have been people who have been in intensive care with Covid-19, but who have made a full recovery, whilst on the other end of the scale, there are people who had a relatively minor infection, but have then gone on to experience symptoms that don’t go away for months.”

Nicola Gobbo explains why she became Lawyer X

Did guilt drive Nicola Gobbo to become a police informer?Through the steady release of never before seen documents tendered to the royal commission, including police reports, videos, secretly recorded phone calls, it’s emerged police believed the Hodson murders may have been a factor in Ms Gobbo’s journey to becoming a police informer.

Sushant Singh Rajput’s sister says ‘dead can’t speak so blame the dead’, shares own version of ‘let’s smash patriarchy’

We can use our grey cells and figure out easily why thr are so many supporters rising all of sudden once the drug angle has come out. Be rest-assured we are not fools, just waiting for the whole truth to come out and then we’ll see whr r these supporters! Dead can’t speak so blame […]