Rhea Arrest: NCB Remand Does Not Say Rhea Chakraborty Consumed Drugs, But Procured Them For SSR

Rhea was arrested under Sections 8 (c), 20 (b), 27 (a), 28 and 29 of NDPS Act, after being grilled for over three days. She confessed to financing and procuring marijuana for consumption by her then boyfriend, the late Sushant Singh Rajput but denied consuming drugs herself.

Rhea’s Arrest: NCB Remand Does Not Say Rhea Chakraborty Consumed Drugs, But Procured Them For SSR

Rhea’s brother Showik Chakraborty and Sushant’s personal staffer Samuel Miranda were arrested by the agency on September 4. They confessed that they used to arrange marijuana and facilitate their delivery for Sushant. Their remand ends tomorrow, on September 9.

‘Drug Charges Are Not Our Case Against Rhea’ Says Sushant’s Family Lawyer Vikas Singh

A few days earlier, Rhea’s brother Showik Chakraborty and Sushant’s personal staffer Samuel Miranda, Zaid Vilatra and Basit Parihar were arrested on similar charges. Although their remand was to end on September 9, they were presented to the court and sent to 14-day custody.

Suicide Prevention Day: How to save a life

Reach out immediatelyDo not undermine the thought or attempt to make a diagnosis, so avoid writing back and asking the person if they are depressed, for instance. Instead, write back or find a contact number to speak directly. It is important to establish a physical or emotional contact without wasting time. Introduce yourself and express […]

Villanova University Assistant VP Killed by Lover’s Wife in Murder-Suicide

Chapman was also married, to Newark City Councilman Luke Chapman. In 2016, she unsuccessfully ran for a Delaware state Senate seat as a Republican in 2016. Dave Sokola, who defeated her, released a statement saying he was “stunned by the news” of Chapman’s murder.

The Myths and Warning Signs of Suicide

The LGBTQ community is at increased risk of experiencing suicidal ideation due to the discrimination and prejudice that the individuals who belong to this group, sadly, all too often encounter.  A large number of LGBTQ youth have been threatened or assaulted because of their sexual or gender identities; such victimization often leads to self-harming behaviors. […]

Tripura Under-19 women cricketer Ayanti Reang commits suicide

There was no official word on the cause of her death. The youngest of four siblings, Ayanti was a member of Tripura’s Under-19 team for the last one year and also played a T20 tournament for the state in U-23 age group.

‘No scientist says apes turn into humans’

Such (vestigial) organs will disappear at some point of time, but none of us will be there to witness it as it will take millions of years.

Pick Lok Sabha deputy speaker, says Opposition

“This trend started in the 6th Lok Sabha of 1977 when the then Prime Minister Morarji Desai of the Janata Party offered the post to the Opposition, making Godey Murahari of the Congress the Deputy Speaker. The post has also been given out to allies in the 7th Lok Sabha of 1980 and the 8th […]

50 Cent Says Cancel Culture’s Biggest Target is Heterosexual Males

“If you say something about someone who chooses something different, there’s organizations set up to start sending things around to get signatures and stuff,” Jackson said during the Variety Entertainment Marketing Summit. “And tell me this, as a heterosexual male, who’s going to send things around to get signatures based on your failures? There’s no […]