Untangling Taylor Swift’s ‘Teenage Love Triangle’ Trilogy

Both “cardigan” and “betty” end with one big question unresolved: Did Betty take James back? I’m inclined to say no. There’s a small hint in the lyrics — Betty says that James “tried to change the ending,” tried being the operative word. It didn’t work; the ending was what it was. The music also points […]

Chelsea open to offers for Kepa Arrizabalaga, Jorginho, Antonio Rudiger and more

“If you look at the unique combination he has of technical ability and eye for a pass, but also having the ability to score and create goals himself, and his runs to be good in the air, I think the best way to sum it up is that he’s a cross between Mesut Ozil and […]

Dark side of wine labeling: A California winemaker’s Oregon controversy

I first heard about the controversy surrounding California winemaker Joe Wagner’s Oregon wine labels through Christine Clair, the director of Willamette Valley Vineyards, a winery that — understandably — took special issue with Wagner’s use of terms like “Willamette Valley” on his Pinot Noir labels despite not actually qualifying to use the Willamette Valley AVA. […]

Do we drink the same wine that the Romans drank? Not quite

We already knew that Savagnin was a pretty old grape because it has so many clonal variations — a sign that a cultivar has had a lot of time to mutate. In fact, Gewurztraminer is one of Savagnin’s several clonal mutations, according to Jancis Robinson’s book “Wine Grapes.” Even if you don’t drink much Savagnin, […]

Tuesday briefing: Britons flee Brexit by the thousands

“Test & trace fiasco is timebomb” – the Mirror really ought to have chosen one derogative or the other. “Having virus may earn right to roam” – the i is reviving the immunity passport idea (maybe we’ll call it the “travel bug”). The Express says “Painkillers do more harm than good” and the Times has […]

The evolution of Extinction Rebellion

XR was also criticised for tactical missteps. Early in the morning of 17 October, a number of protesters climbed on top of a tube train at Canning Town station in order to disrupt rush-hour services. Commuters reacted with anger, and scuffles broke out, with one protester being dragged from the roof of the train. The […]

Dating at a social distance can be fun and budget-friendly with these money saving tips

KFC has reintroduced five items to its menu, including its Krushems milkshakes. The fried chicken chain is also doing rice boxes, salad boxes and two sides. KFC had reduced its menus due to the pandemic.

Nearly half of Germans support withdrawal of US troops: survey

The history of US troops in Germany Dispute over nuclear missiles Heavily guarded Pershing-II rockets were brought to the US base in Mutlangen in 1983. The rockets, armed with nuclear warheads, became a political issue. They were touted as filling an important gap in NATO’s deterrent shield against the Warsaw Pact. Peace activists, however, saw […]

Coronavirus digest: Australian state to deploy military to enforce isolation measures

Coronavirus: The consequences for tourism Austrian ski regions end season early All ski areas in the Austrian provinces of Salzburg and Tyrol are ending the winter season early. Cable car operation will be discontinued as of Sunday (March 15, 2020). Hotels and accommodations will be closed from Monday. The provincial governments said that this should […]

Liverpool owner John W Henry says the club’s success is the highlight of his career

“Bayern had an offer of a contract extension on the table,” he told the Transfer Talk podcast. “They thought they’d agreed, but he’s changed his mind. The club assumed that he must already have a deal in place with someone else, but that side are yet to reveal their hand.