Doom Eternal, prestazioni incredibili con una scheda AMD di otto anni fa

Ancora più sorprendente è quando si passa alla successiva generazione di Nvidia, e in particolar modo alla GTX 780 Ti, che riesce a far girare il gioco solo a 37 fps, migliorando di pochissimo le prestazioni rispetto alla sua antenata. Usando una scheda video della famiglia Maxwell come la GTX 960, che è ancora presente […]

Ancient AMD GPUs destroy Nvidia’s when it comes to Doom Eternal

Furthermore, AMD has worked hard in recent years to optimize its drivers, and this has produced a performance uplift not just for modern cards, but also older ones. Whereas Nvidia’s newer drivers have increasingly seen its older GPUs fall by the wayside, as anyone who owns a GTX 700 series (or older) can’t failed to […]

Persona 5 Royal And Doom Eternal Featured In Massive B2G1 Free Game Sale

If you haven’t picked up Doom Eternal yet, you can grab it in Target’s B2G1 free sale. Four new PS4 games are also eligible for the sale: Persona 5 Royal, which releases tomorrow; MLB The Show 20, Nioh 2, and Dreams. Come Friday, you’ll want to keep an eye on Resident Evil 3 Remake at […]

Energy-Saving AI Is Coming for Your Office Thermostat

If Spanos succeeds, would we want to work in this kind of panopticon, tracked by Wi-Fi? “We’re still learning about how far you go,” says Lee Chuan Seng, board chair of Singapore’s environmental agency. Data protections are a must, he says—but so are experiments like this one, which could ultimately inform commercial technology exported across […]

Bethesda won’t hold a virtual press conference this June, but promises more news “in the coming months”

Bethesda certainly has plenty to talk about. Fans are hungry for any information on far-off games like The Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield, and more immediate projects like Tango Gameworks’ Ghostwire: Tokyo are also due for another showing. We may also hear something out of Roundhouse Studios, formerly Prey developer Human Head Studios, which Bethesda […]

Bethesda Won’t Hold a Digital Event in June to Replace E3 Showcase

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s Best Merch: Plushies, Posters, Puzzles, And More

Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s Best Merch: Plushies, Posters, Puzzles, And More Final Fantasy 7 Remake Is Shipping Early In Some Regions, And That’s Intentional Final Fantasy 7 Remake Was A “Scary” Project For Square Enix Final Fantasy 7 Remake Is A “Very Faithful” Recreation Of The Original Game Final Fantasy 7’s Dialogue Was Basically Rewritten […]

The 38 Best Video Game Soundtracks You Can Stream

It’s not super surprising that God of War’s soundtrack is phenomenal. Composer Bear McCreary won an Emmy for his work on Da Vinci’s Demons, created the iconic Walking Dead theme, and has scored dozens of movies and TV shows. McCreary’s work on God of War pushed the franchise in a far more mature direction that […]

Raising boys

Boys used to be best. Rewind a generation or two, and the arrival of a bouncing baby boy brought a special kind of joy to the family. A boy ensured the family name would endure. He could achieve great things in the world, become prime minister or president, or at least ensure that the household […]

What Was the Washington

We were in relatively new journalistic territory after years in which sexual harassment and assault had barely been considered newsworthy. There are no fixed rules to decide which stories should be published, but editors ask questions like these: How powerful is the man being accused? How “serious” is the misconduct? Is there documentary proof of […]